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OREOgasm No-Churn Ice Cream


I don't bake.

Because I can't bake.

My husband knows this all too well after many failed attempts at cookies and cakes. So when he came to me with this recipe for his birthday I was totally stoked knowing I can make this! Finally - something foolproof that I can't screw up!

Seriously y'all, you can't screw this up and there are about a thousand different directions you could take this to meet your desires as far as taste. Sugar cookie, cookie dough, butterscotch, brownie bite... the options are endless. My husband personally loves Oreo's and cookies n' cream milkshakes so this was obviously right up his alley.


1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
1 14oz can of sweetened condensed milk
30 crushed Oreo's, reserve about 1/4 cup for topping
1/4 cup caramel
1/4 cup chocolate sauce


In a mixer, whip heavy whipping cream until peaks form. Once peaks form, fold in condensed milk and crushed Oreo's. Softly stir in caramel and chocolate sauce. Transfer to a 9x5" loaf pan, top with remaining crushed Oreo's and drizzle with caramel and chocolate sauce. Freeze until firm about 4-5 hours.

We could hardly wait to dig into this when I pulled it out of the freezer. The frosted glass and chocolate oozing over the sides... I mean?? It was just as delectable as it looks. We shared it with Jon's family (against my desire to share) and everyone enjoyed this so much it's going to be a new "regular" at holidays and birthdays.

Don't blame me when your jeans fit a little tighter after you make this. I swear it will be worth it. Swear!

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A Dress Solely for Date Night


Can we all agree off the shoulder dresses and tops are so freaking feminine. I die for them! This may sound super weird, but I think a woman's clavicle is so dainty and becoming. So when it's exposed in an off the shoulder dress it's really just so pretty. This dress from A Cut Above is extremely comfortable and the tassel detail is really what sold me on purchasing it, but I definitely have to mention this is a baby free dress! There is no way you would find me wearing this around Maddox for fear of him exposing the... ahem... ladies. So it is solely for date night, but luckily it's perfect for just that.

In random, unrelated news, I'm starting to think we will never come up with or agree on a name for baby girl. I swear, with Maddox we had his name picked out at 15 weeks (maybe sooner!?). I am NOT okay with waiting until she's born and seeing what feels right. I can't make last minute decisions like that, it gives me hives just thinking about it. I am anxious to call her something other than "baby girl" and get personalized items. Ugh - the struggle is real.

Transitioning a Shirt Dress From Playdate to Datenight

picking out his first donut
his mind is about to be blown!

And now transitioning to datenight...

I simply loose the jean jacket, swap the sandals for heels and add a cute clutch and choker.

Daytime look: dress | similar jean jacket | sandals | sunglasses | necklace

Nighttime look: similar wedges | clutch | ring

I've become more aware of how to dress practically in my second pregnancy. And one of the many ways to do that is to dress in something you can change the style of by swapping out a few accessories. Quite often I'm going from running around town to dropping Maddox off with his MiMi and heading out for a date night with my man or a girls night with my ladies!

I've found that shirt dresses (this one in particular comes in 6 colors) are so comfortable for play dates or running around town eating donuts... and a jean jacket and sandals give it a casual feel. Then once Maddox is dropped off with his MiMi I throw on my favorite black wedges (these are almost identical) and I add a clutch for a cute finishing touch. Don't forget to throw on some lipstick before you head out!

Oh and when did chokers make it back into style?