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Blog || Top 5 Apps For Blogging

look at my little dapper dude!

custom iphone cases c/o

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I've found there are certain apps I truly can't live without as a blogger and I've mentioned some here on the blog before, particularly in my 5 steps to organizational freedom as a blogger post. You have probably heard of all of these apps, but if you haven't I recommend checking them out right away as they have helped me improve my organization, collaborations and quality of my photos. Bonus, most of them are FREE!

This is my favorite app by far! Numerous times I would find myself out in public doing something and realize, "crap I haven't posted on Instagram yet" and we all know there is a window when our posts typically do the best. If you miss it, you have to wait until the next window and that can throw your whole schedule off. It was so annoying to then have to pull myself away from what I was doing to edit a photo, come up with a caption, tag appropriately and add all the right hashtags. We all know that takes time! So now I sit down every few days and upload upcoming photos to Later, add the caption and schedule them so all I have to do is copy and paste it when my phone tells me it's time. The hard work is done ahead of time so no more getting pulled away from what you are doing to post.

I can't live without Later or Hootesuite. They save me from being on my phone 24/7 to keep up with social media. I love the ease of scheduling everything ahead of time anyway so that I am not left wondering what the heck I am posting each day. I use Hootesuite for Facebook and Twitter only. If you are running a giveaway, Hootesuite is a great way to go ahead and set up tweets to go out each day, multiple times a day to remind people to enter your giveaway, etc. It's a favorite of mine!

If you like collaborating with brands then you should definitely check out my post 4 ways to start reaching out to brands. But you also need to download this app because it connects you to a whole world of brands looking for bloggers to share their product. Once you fill out your profile explaining what your interests are, your follower counts and share some photos you've taken brands can start contacting you to share their product. Or you can go searching for them! I've had multiple positive experiences with Collabor8! Plus it's a great way to keep your collaborations in one area to find them easily. (I still use email to speak with most brands that don't reach out via Collabor8)

A Color Story
This has become my favorite photo editing app, even above afterlight. I mainly just use it to brighten my photos, but I usually clarify a bit and add a little contrast. It's so easy to use and I can't live without the brightening feature. You obviously need good lighting when taking a picture, but if your picture is dim, this will brighten it right up without loosing the pictures quality and making it grainy.

This is worth the money if you like bright, white photos on your feed! If you are all about that flatlay you need this app because you can whiteout any area of your photo that you want. For example, if I lay a pink shirt down on a whiteboard and brighten the picture, but the white still isn't bright enough, I can upload the photo to Facetune and run my finger over all the white areas to make them BRIGHT white and clean looking. It's like an eraser for color, stains, shadows, etc and it's awesome! I like to use it if I take style shots in front of a concrete wall, but the wall is dingy and dirty. It cleans it right up.

This app is great for when you take a picture and maybe the sun is coming in at an angle causing you to have a shadow or dark corner in your photo. You can simply brighten that one particular spot to match the rest of your picture's lightness. I love it!

And of course you can't have your tech looking drab, so snag a new custom iphone case or custom laptop skin from caseapp and use code THEMODERNTULIP20 for 20% off your purchase.

What's your favorite app for editing, organizing, planning, etc?

Style || It All Started With a $15 T-Shirt

 dress (old boutique has since closed) || earrings || boots (in gray)

I did it.

I gave into the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Que the eye rolls.

I really can't stand the constant hulabaloo about the NSale. It's non stop all over our social media feeds and blogs. I know that so many bloggers are sponsored to write those posts and that is completely fine and wonderful - I just get so overwhelmed by everyone's picks and shares that it becomes too much and I tune it all out.

Some of you may share my feelings.

But on the other hand, I also know that it's a wonderful way to find some trendy steals for the coming seasons. And Nordstrom clothing is quality, so spending a few extra bucks is well justified knowing those pieces will last awhile. Well, that's how I got suckered in. It all started with a $15 t-shirt...

Before I knew it I had a cart full and I was clicking "complete my order". So I got suckered into the sale, but I am excited about the pieces I have coming, which I have shared at the bottom of this post including prices. Some things are still in stock too if you are interested. I am, however, super sad that I didn't make in time for these boots. I want them in gray so freaking badly. If they come back in stock in my size they will be going into my shopping cart stat!

So what about you? Did you give into the sale or did you stand strong?

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Motherhood || So Over It

top || jeans || sunglasses ($14) || wedges || lipstick

I have hit that be-dreaded point in my pregnancy when I am just truly over it. The sleepless, insomnia has hit strong and I feel like I watch all hours of the night tick through each time I roll over and check my phone to see if it's time to get up. Many mornings Jon wakes up to find me on the couch, finally passed out, just in time to wake up before Maddox does. I'm exhausted and ready for a nap by 3 or 4pm every single day. I can't sit and or stand in any comfortable position. My breathing feels restricted and heavy most of the day thanks to baby girl sitting high in my ribs and then my poor bladder takes the grunt of her kicks at night when I almost feel like she's low enough to be birthed.

See what I mean? All the whining over here.

I didn't hit this "over it" point until 35 weeks with Maddox. So I'm trying to prepare myself to go the distance these next 9 weeks before her anticipated arrival.

I'll tell you what I can't wait for! Breathing normally, a glass of sangria and to stop hearing that obnoxious grunting sound that escapes my lips when I bend over 50 times a day.