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180mph Vibrations & Booze. Also Known As NASCAR

Before I reminisce on the site of overweight men with no shirt, the smell of booze and cigarettes in the air and the feeling of your whole body vibrating from the inside out from cars going 180mph I have to share for a brief moment my appreciation to the blogging community.

My blog has only been up for about 2 weeks now and so quickly I find myself getting giddy over a new follower or growing page views. My stomach does a little back flip every time I have a new follower or someone posts a comment. I could see how one could easily get caught up in the whole "statistic side" of it all. But I am enjoying making new friends more than anything. I am so moved by the community in the blogging world. It's so welcoming! I have met new people and made connections with people all over the world whom I would have never made contact with had it not been for this here blog. When someone takes the time to go out of their way to reach out and meet you, well it warms my heart. My soul feels giddy when I get an email from a complete stranger who says they can relate to something I've written. Needless to say, thank you bloggers for making me smile and thank you blog for helping me make new friends. It never would have happened had it not been for you as my sticky note. 

Now enough of this deep stuff and on to beer, nicotine and rednecks. 

As I mentioned yesterday Jon and I are in Bristol all week at the NASCAR races advertising for our business. It got me thinking about our experience here last year. We came, not to advertise, but as newlyweds. It was my first time at a race and boy did I fall in love. I didn't even know a redneck side existed in me. Tailgating all day with friends, country music, sunshine, cornhole, bud light lime. Otherwise known as a southerners paradise. I'll let the pictures tell the rest. Prepare for picture overload.


Going, going, gone.

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  1. <3 Nascar.... so excited that Jr won again last week! But hey, we need to meet up at the March race!


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