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Dinner For Two


It was a long week, folks. Actually long doesn't describe it well enough. Draining. That's a better word for it. Physically, mentally and emotionally draining. Our days were filled with driving, talking, selling, smiling, lifting all in the hot sun. You name it, we did it. Many of those days were lacking sleep causing us to forget things, which then caused us to be annoyed about forgetting things, then driving to pick up what we forgot...ugh. You get the point. It wares me out thinking about it.

Perhaps that's why I was so thankful for Sunday. We didn't make it to church, but the sleep was worth it. Forgive me Jesus!  Waking up hen our bodies naturally awoke was amazing. Then lying there, appreciating not having plans. Magical. 

The rest of the day consisted of yoga pants, reading in bed and dozing off. I forgot how nice it is to just be still. 

Nothing made my Sunday better than Jon did. A special dinner made with love.

Sirloin topped with garlic shrimp, roasted asparagus with sea salt and potatoes. 

I feel so thankful knowing he still wants to do his best to dote on me after spending 170 hours straight with me. Most married couples would be ready to kill each other at that point. It was one of those Sundays that remind me how truly blessed I am to have married a man who enjoys making me happy. A man who loves from the bottom of his heart. He reminds me everyday with his generous ways. 

So thank you lovebug, for reminding me I am special to you.

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  1. I'm dying here! :P Awesome dinner indeed :)Nice idea pairing it with asparagus , I never get past the spoon method of eating it but will try it with potato :)


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