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Emerald Peplum


Hi lovelies! Yesterday was a gorgeous day here in the good ole' state of Tennessee. Right now the mornings start off slightly chilly, but full of sunshine and it gets progressively warmer as the day goes on. I could get used to it after all the rain we had this summer.

Sunshine is good for the soul. Nothing like an au natural mood enhancer.

It was so gorgeous outside it made me happy enough to put on something other than my pj's. Fancy that! Well that and the fact that I had a dentist appointment and a coffee date with some girlfriends. I figured after I got my teeth cleaned it was only fitting that I stained them back with a delicious dirty chai. Either that or I new I wasn't going to have a single cavity and I thought it necessary to reward myself.

If you have never had a dirty chai you should probably go put on your clothes (assuming you stay in your pj's with no bra like moi), get in the car and drive to your nearest coffee shop and order one. Seriously. You can thank me later.

Anyway back to my outfit. This emerald color makes me swoon.

I am in love with this bag. It was my purchase for Fall. It's the perfect Fall color in my opinion and it's a good staple to have. Not to mention it's large enough to hold my every necessity. PS. I have a lot of necessities.

Shirt: Liz Claiborne //Shorts: Banana Republic //Flats: Just Fab // Bag: Just Fab //Sunglasses: Coach
Bracelet: Sophistifunk :(

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4 comments on "Emerald Peplum"
  1. you look absolutely FABULOUS, doll face!

  2. Amazing!! I love the bag! And you look great! Love the colour of your top!
    Wow...that was a lot of exclamation marks...sorry

  3. Cute outfit! And that dirty chai looks AMAZING!

    <3, Charlotte

  4. Love the outfit!
    What is a dirty chai??


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