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I Can't Have Kids If Even My Dogs Disobey Me

Yesterday a friend of mine called me up and was all like "hey wanna have a doggie play date?" and I was all like "That's so cute, of course!"...

A few months prior to this day I sat shotgun on a 5 hour trip to get her precious lab puppy. Of course I hate riding in the car, but the thought of driving 5 hours back with a cute puppy in my lap, well duh. Who would say no?

As payment for said trip I was named Godmother of her sweet pooch and I helped pick her name. I like to think it was all my doing in convincing her of the perfect name. I like to think a lot of things...

Anywho, this is sweet baby Kona -aka- Kona Pie

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I know right? Those eyes will get you every time. When you are Godmother you are given responsibilities to also watch your Godchildren, which lead to getting a Thank you note and this picture from Kona's mommy. 

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Accidents happen Kona Pie. I still love you.

Kona came over for her play date with Oskar and Roxi. Roxi wasn't too thrilled - old girl is getting bi**hy in her later days. Oskar and Kona have always hit it off so they wore themselves out chasing, climbing, chewing, licking... while Kona's mom and I laid on my back porch in our bathing suits. I could get used to this whole "let the kids play" thing. My tan could really benefit from it. 

After they left is when the trouble began. I let the pups out to potty, which normally consists of standing on the porch repeating "go potty, goooooo potty, GO POTTY", they do their business and run back inside and sit patiently for a treat.

Not this time.

A squirrel decided to make a dash across our front lawn and off go my dogs. Squirrel chasing. After making a fool of myself chasing them up the road and having a neighbor ask if I'm alright, I gave up. I went along with my business at home sure they would come back...hours passed. Jon came home from work. More hours passed. Not until 2AM did those muts come running onto the porch, waking Jon up. 

Moral of the story. If parenting dogs is anything like parenting children, I'm screwed.

Upon waking up I praciticed my first parental scolding. "No more friends coming over if this is how you repay me!"

Take that. Maybe I will be a good mom.

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  1. Yea if how I spoil my dog is an indication, I'm not having kids because my dog acts spoiled rotten!


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