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I Would Work For A... Link-up

I'm linking over at Living In Yellow and you're invited!

I Would Work For A...

Trip to Cancun. My life hasn't been the same since my last trip. I have dreams of clear blue water, white beaches and endless cocktails.

A giftcard to, well, anywhere. Money is always better spent when it's someone else's. That's my motto.

A home makeover. I'd much rather someone do the grunt work for me and save me the exhaustion. Plus I hate making decisions so if someone just told me what they were going to do to my house and I could just say yes or no I would be in Heaven.

Breast Implants. I'm all about honesty and honestly - I want boobs. I try to do the whole I'm comfortable with my body and God made me this way. And He did. But my sinful human nature takes over and I'd like to fill out a shirt or bathing suit top every once in a blue moon. I'd work a lot of overtime for that. 

My blog to flourish. I'd work overtime to see my blog be successful. Obviously I'm starting from scratch here and I like writing and documenting my life for just myself, but entertaining some followers, and getting some feedback every now and then wouldn't hurt my feelings.

A personal chef. I love to cook. But sometimes I get burnt out on it and the last thing I want to do is make meals or even think about what we are going to eat all week. I would enjoy asking someone else, "What's for dinner?" rather than being asked that question daily.

To meet Melissa McCarthy. She is my favorite. I'd have to bring a change of pants because she would make me laugh so hard I'm sure. I think I'd get along with her really well. We share the similar language of sarcasm.

To be able to eat salty foods with no health risk. I am a salty food addict. I prefer salt over sweet. Put a bag of Doritos and a bowl of ice cream in front of me and I'll pick Doritos every time. Not so great for the waistline. Luckily I have willpower.

I think I could continue on and on, but it might get boring. Have a great day!

5 comments on "I Would Work For A... Link-up"
  1. Just popping on over from the "I would work for" link-up! Everyone's lists are really good!
    I've never been to Cancun, but I could get on board with working for a first time trip there!
    And I'm with you there on the blog flourishing!


    1. Hey Juliann! You should totally go to Cancun, you won't regret it I can promise you that. Thanks for popping in, dear!

  2. Hey Maegen! I totally agree with you on Cancun, McCarthy and the implants! Although personally I would rather things get smaller than larger around here. ;) Congrats on the new blog! It looks great!!!

    1. Thanks for the love Brittany and I appreciate the follow! Haha I am jealous, I wish "larger" was my problem. Sorta like girls with curls wish they had straight hair. I guess we are never quite satisfied!

  3. Hello, I am stopping in from living in yellow. I love Mellissa McCarthy! She is so funny!!
    I also wish I could eat salty snacks with out health risk, potato chips are my weakness!


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