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Better To Ask For Forgiveness Than Permission

Well Jon and I are at NASCAR all week advertising our business and wishing we were the ones drinking ice cold beer and acting redneck. While I am sure I'll have much to share with you after this week for now you can check out what I spent the weekend doing.

Jon called and said "hey babe, I have to work late tonight" and the wheels in my head just started turning - what to do? What to do? We have been married a little over a year now and I still have soooo much painting and decorating to do. It can be a tad bit overwhelming. Thankfully Pinterest holds many of my inspirations for every inch of our house so all I have to do is buy the supplies, a bottle of wine and turn up a good playlist.

Kitchen, consider yourself the first victim. I still have to replace the countertops, but those will have to wait until next year unfortunately. For now, buh-bye nasty yellow/beige color.


Taping is the worst part of painting. Or my attempts at taking a picture of myself.

Painting is just another excuse to drink more wine...


So much brighter, right? The color is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. It is the perfect gray. Trust me, I spent months studying grays before I chose. 

Then as if painting didn't ware me out enough. I decided to clean out the cabinets and rearrange while I was at it. A gal can really rack up on some crap over time. Ohhhhh hubbyyyyy... guess it's time to expand the kitchen.

Although I'm exhausted, I'm in the mood to do another room. So Jon, what does your schedule look like next week?

3 comments on "Better To Ask For Forgiveness Than Permission"
  1. LOVE the color. That is a perfect gray! I will have to keep it in mind for the future.

    Mackenzie at

  2. Looks amazing!! I love the gray!! Well done!
    I can't wait to have my own place to paint! :D

  3. LOVE! Excuse me while I'm just stalking your blog...ha!


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