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Relax. Life's Too Short For Stress.


Stress: a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.

Obviously Roxi has no problem with stress, but it amazes me how easily we can let it work it's way into our lives. I struggle with it daily. It starts with stress then becomes anxiety, which then turns into feeling completely overwhelmed. I know many of you can relate.

Once upon a time my sister-in-law told me she took the word "stress" out of her vocabulary. She refused to let that 6 letter word pass her lips. She found that not even saying the word helped because it was like stress wasn't an option.

So I'm sharing some helpful tips to fight stress. Because let's face it, life is much more glorious without that ugly word.

Spend time in prayer.
This is the ultimate stress reliever. There is nothing better than giving your problems, stressors, and anxiety to the Lord. Letting go and letting God is a difficult thing to do, but when you do it is so rewarding. And what's even better is He wants your problems. He wants you to rely on Him to help you. I find that uplifting. 1 Peter 4:7

Fight it in the gym.
Not only does working out make you feel good about yourself physically, but it's a fabulous way to beat stress. When you work out your body releases endorphins which are chemicals that trigger a positive feeling in your body. Exercise has time and time again been proven to improve self-esteem and lower symptoms of anxiety or depression. So get to it!

Writing is an outlet for me hence why I have this blog. Something about sitting here and writing about whatever is on my mind (and you all know that can be random, mildly inappropriate and perhaps boring) is a release for me. Others kick it old school and write in a journal or diary. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes it's just about the quietness and stillness.

Do Not Disturb.
Picture this. No television/radio/cellphone/Ipad. Quiet house. Your favorite candle lit. A hot bubble bath. And a glass of wine.
I'm relaxed already. 
Maybe for you it isn't a bubble bath, but a nook in your house in your cozy chair with a book. Or your back porch in a lawn chair soaking up the sun. The point is put down the cellphone, social media can wait. Turn the tube off, there is nothing of significance on anyway. Get some alone time. Quite time by yourself is important. Important for you to be a better mom, better wife a better person.

Nine times out of ten my stress comes from the overwhelming feeling of what needs to be done. Cleaning, errands, exercise, cooking, laundry, decorating, bible studies, meetings, etc.
We pack our lives full with busy schedules because we don't know what it means to just sit still. I've found that making lists and checking each chore off helps declutter my mind and make me feel accomplished.

Mow The Yard.
Not sure why, but mowing has a very calming effect on me. You too could try it. Your husband might appreciate it :) Just don't change the height of the mowing deck in the middle of mowing the yard. He won't like that.

PS. This post may have just been for me to deal with my own stress. But it's a goo reminder to everyone.

PPS. You should probably come back tomorrow because sometimes my outlet is baking and I may or may not have hit a home run this go around. And by that I mean I totally hit a home run.

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  1. Some great stress reducers. I love to mow the lawn...Just music, me and a beer!! love it


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