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The Day I Wished I Was 4 Again

I tee-totally had a blog post ready for today, but I threw it to the side and I am now ignoring the fact that I should be doing the laundry that is overflowing, emptying the dishwasher, watering the plants, washing the dog smudges off the windows, vacuuming, oh boy - I'm starting to feel like crap. But rather than doing any of those chores, I'm sitting here writing this post now. BUT I felt like I just had to write about the fact that I just realized I'm a lame ace grown-up. Not just because of the list of chores I just gave you, but because of what you are about to read.

I entered a giveway today for $1,000. Let me break that down just to make sure you get it. One. Thousand. Dollars. Free money people. One of the entries was to leave a comment saying what you would do with the money. Guess what I said. Just guess.

If you are guessing things like... buy 3 Coach bags or blow it at Target or a down payment on a jet ski you are so so wrong! That's what I would say if I was awesome and care free.

I said I would put it towards my mortgage. Ewwwwww. Who the balls gets FREE money for doing absolutely nothing and then uses it to pay bills? What is my life coming to?

I never signed up for this "grown up" thing.

I want to be 4 again. So I can talk and say unexpected, maybe even inappropriate things, and it can be blamed on the fact that I'm 4. Eat on my own - but someone still has to make me my food. Get away with dressing myself and wearing mismatched clothing and still be considered cute for it. Throw tantrums when I don't get my way and be consoled rather than scolded. Be told to take a nap rather than beg for one. Play with blocks or barbies all day rather than working to pay bills. I would even deal with those unmanageable curls above. The only downside to being 4 is the whole no alcohol thing. That would really suck.

Ugh to live the life of a toddler again...

I'm going to go color in a coloring book or watch a Disney movie or something. All I know is I'm NOT cleaning. That would be the grown up thing to do.

What would you do with the money?

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