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The Perks of Being A Dog Owner: Blood, Trash & Anal Glands

I'll break this down for you because you are probably wondering, "what on earth????".

If you have payed a visit to my About page, you know I have two dogs. Two big dogs. That means bigger messes, time consuming baths, lots of hairs, never a clean floor, and did I mention BIG MESSES?

Observe. Exhibit A: Trash.

Iphone quality photo

This is what happens when you think to yourself, "We can leave the dogs out of their kennel while we go to church, they have behaved lately". Well yeah, they behaved because they were locked in a kennel. Which is where they were put immediately when we got home. And it's where they will go from now on when we leave the house. At least until my softie heart thinks they won't disobey me again. Pshhh.

Exhibit B: Blood.

Homemade sock bandage

I spared the light stomached folks reading this and decided to go without a picture of the blood. Instead just Roxi's sad face. I don't know if it's because she knew I was angry about the blood (which I didn't yell at her about) or if it was because I bandaged her foot and it drives her nuts. She decided to bite at her toenail until it bled. Bled. all. over. my. house. Including on the white carpet. Lovely. I'll be spending the next 12 hours with rubber gloves and Resolve.

Exhibit C: Anal Glands.

If I didn't share a picture of blood, I definitely wasn't going to share a picture of anal glands. But I will explain. Both dogs have had some repulsing breath lately. Not puppy breath or dog food breath. I could handle that compared to this. This is more like, I licked my butt than ate a pile of poop and burped it back up. I know that is disgusting, but that's the point. I want you to understand the extremity of this. So I have talked to other dog owners who swear that it could be their anal glands. I have now learned that all dogs should have them drained at least once a year. Uhhh...Roxi is 6 and Oskar is almost 3. Whoops.
So I debated between spending the money to get it done or seeing if it's possible to do myself. Oh, you can do it yourself, if you are a CRAZY! I searched it on Youtube of course to find a bazillion videos on it. I urge you NOT to search it. Especially if you have a weak stomach. Needless to say I will be making them vet appointments ASAP.

Well, I hope you weren't reading this post with your a.m. cup of coffee or your p.m. cocktail. If so, shame on you. I warned you in the title.

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  1. hahaha this cracked me up. we are currently experiencing similar problems (as gross as it is to discuss) my husband worked at a vet in college so he kinda knew what was going on, but neither of us are brave enough to attempt to fix it on our own. now i'm gagging.


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