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The Truth Is

The truth is... blogging is hard.

Finding content worth writing about, making non-worth it content seem worth it, putting yourself out there for anyone to judge. It can be great and extremely rewarding and extremely hard.

I have a few bits of advice I have for those new to blogging like myself.

I am learning quickly that you can sit in front of your computer for hours tweaking, changing and rewriting to fit "standards". But as long as your content is yours, it's right. You will not please everyone and that's okay. Those folks can just move right along.

Don't make your blog your only focus. The importance doesn't always lie in the blog, but in the world that is still moving around us.

Don't compare yourself to other bloggers. That is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. It will bring you down in a heartbeat. Your success will be different from another bloggers success. Your content is different. One mans trash is another mans treasure - aka - your blog isn't for everyone. And that's OK. It takes time to build an audience, time to work out the kinks and time to figure out how you want your blog to run. If you compare yourself to other successful bloggers you will never be happy with your own blog and where it's at. Be patient and be you.

Enjoy the positivity and let it out weight the negative. Some people don't realize the stress or vulnerability in blogging. So let those that give you positive feedback lift your spirits and push to to keep on keeping on :)

Your blog is your space on the web to do with what you may. It's your outlet. All that matters is that you enjoy it :)

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