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Why I Don't Blog On The Weekends

Since I'm new to the blogging world I had to make the decision on how often I would blog. I decided I was comfortable with blogging Monday through Friday, but the weekends were just off limits. It's just like any job. So why shouldn't I take a break? I don't want to loose interest because I am overdoing it.

Besides Saturdays are reserved for the fun stuff. Football, hiking, kayaking, weddings, lake days... you name it.

Aka the great outdoors! 

And Sundays are reserved for church, eating too much and family chaos. Oh and of course more lake time. Pretty much ranks as my favorite day of the week. Saturday ranks #2 (duh).

So with that I am off to prepare for whatever adventures this weekend may bring! Saturday being the final day of NASCAR thank goodness. I don't know how many more long days in the sun I can take. Happy Friday cool cats!

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  1. Hey girl! I found you on a link up and started following you! I agree that weekends should be our time off! Sometimes I get excited and want to post on Saturday but I decided to hold off until Monday.. I think it is very important not to overload as get burnt out. Check out my blog sometime and follow back if you'd like! Once I get a bottom made maybe we can trade buttons :) enjoy your weekend!


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