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Another One Bites The Dust

Excuse me while I get over the shock and awe at the fact that tomorrow is October 1st. I mean seriously? I would love to know why when I was a small child it seemed like time stood still. Now as a grown adult I blink at it's a new year! Shesh.

Every time the weekend roles around I make a promise to myself that I am going to get my blog post done on Sunday night so I won't have to fiddle with it on Monday morning. Every.single.time. Hasn't happened yet. I wonder when that day will come? Let's shoot for this Sunday. Ha.

On to the weekend. It was a lovely one. Saturday morning was spent hanging out at our neighbors yard sale which then turned into planning a neighborhood block party. Holla! I'm always down for a good shin dig.

After a while we made our way into town for some pumpkin pickin' at the local produce stand. Words can't even describe the happiness in my heart.
For some reason produce stands cause me to reflect on how much I love the South. Just good ole' farmer John making his share in the community. Where everybody knows everybody. There is just something more enticing about buying my produce at farmer John's than at Walmart. Perhaps because the produce looks healthier? Or because Jon and I own our own business and we know how important it is to support small, local businesses. Either way produce stands make me happy.
Later in the afternoon we went and helped Jon's parents mow grass at their property. This picture explains how high the grass was. I wasn't bending over. Yeah. Scary. I snapped this shot before over an acre of this 5 foot tall grass was shredded into pieces.

Sunday was another beautiful day. I just love waking up and letting the outdoors remind me it's Fall! I have to soak it up while I can because it never lasts long enough. After church we went to Bristol for the Super Chevy Show to show off the Monster Mower.
I haven't told you about Monster Mower yet? Oh my. That is going to have to wait for a later date. PS. If school buses looked like that when I was a kid I may not have skipped as much.

The rest of the evening was spent lounging on the couch and crying over the fact that the Dallas Cowboys shame me every Sunday. I don't even know why I pull for them. Oh yeah, now I remember. Because I am a loyal fan!

Happy Monday, loves!

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What's In My Bag?

So I know you were probably expecting another Fit Friday edition today, but I warned you. I get burnt out easily when I make a routine or schedule out of something. And I don't like feeling as if I have to do something. In fact, I rebel when that happens. My mother and my husband can tell you first hand that this is the truth. Jon knows better than to tell me to do a chore because I will find any way to procrastinate against doing it. Now if he asks me, I do it happily with no arguments. I guess the word for this is stubborn?

Anywho, I will be back with more Fit Friday editions in the future, but I just had to take a break from the monotonous routine. Instead I really wanted to play along with the "What's In My Bag" post I have seen circulating around blog world. I am the worlds largest snoop so when I saw these posts where women were sharing what they kept in their purses, I was overcome with excitement! Really though, I am that person you invite over for dinner and excuse myself to use your bathroom so I can creep down your hall looking in rooms, glancing in your medicine cabinet, and smelling your lotions. Only to pretend I took a few wrong turns when I get back to the dinner table.

So now that I have rat myself out, allow me to allow you to snoop.

 The bag

1. Wallet from Target.
2. My concealed carry handgun (you betcha I carry a gun and yes I have the permit to carry it)
3. A light bulb I have been meaning to match & replace. That's been in there for a month now.
4. My planner in which I depend upon to tell me where to be at what to do.
5. Favorite pens. Pilots.
6. A caramel apple lollipop in case I get a hankerin' for something sweet.
7. I grouped this junk together. Nail file, tampon, nail polish remover and contact case.
8. Favorite gum. Thank you Orbit for making my breath smell minty fresh.
9. A given. No one leaves home without their cellular device. Because that would be tragic.
10. A variety of lipstick. I just never know what mood I'll be in on any given day.
11. Ehh hand lotion I took from a hotel once upon a time. Never used it.
12. I don't know what you'd call that. My running buddy that carries my phone so I can listen to tunes and track my mileage so that I don't lose interest in the fact that I'm running thingy.

Try to contain your awe at all the glamour in my purse. This was fun! For me at least.

What's something interesting you keep in your purse?

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Hawaiian Shirts & Pipe Tobacco

One week ago today my Uncle Bobby passed away. I wasn't sure how to talk about it here on the blog. I am an open book and I am more than willing to share anything and everything because I think it's a great gift to learn from others pains, mistakes or screw-ups. But I wanted to let things settle down a bit first and let the wound scab over so you could say. I think it's actually easier telling you all this virtually rather than a face to face conversation because the listener always feels inclined to say something helpful or condoling. And it's so not necessary here. I am so grateful for the prayers you all sent up for my family and Uncle Bobby a couple of weeks ago. He quickly turned for the worse and was hospitalized. Thankfully they got him moved home with hospice just days before he died so he could be comfortable and at peace. I got to talk to him days before he passed away and he was so content. He told me not to worry about him because he knew where he was going, but that he was worried about the loved ones he was leaving behind who just couldn't let go. He is in such a better place, pickin' his guitar with Jesus. I can't even explain how content I am with it just knowing he isn't suffering anymore. His other half he left behind is who needs prayers now. She is healing slowly. I just can't even imagine what that kind of hurt feels like.

Today I am just going to commemorate his life. 

Uncle Bobby, I can smell your pipe tobacco now. I'll never forget the scent. I can hear your deep, raspy voice singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" like it's playing on my radio. Your deep chuckle of laughter could fill a room and warm my heart. And no one will ever be able to pull off a Hawaiian shirt the way you did. You will not be forgotten. Until I see you again I'll keep eating over sized bowls of ice cream in your honor. I love you.

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Decadent, CLEAN Chocolate Pie

Want to indulge in a seriously rich slice of chocolate pie without the looming feeling of regret? Want to eat chocolate and pack on the protein instead of the calories? If you said yes (which you should have or you are just not right) then boy do I have a treat for you today! As any normal human being from time to time I do crave my chocolate. Although I am more of a salt eater, there are moments where nothing but a sweet chocolate fix will satisfy me. My mother created this recipe years ago and it has a secret ingredient that would gross most people out at the mention of it.
Let me introduce to you a guilt free option to eating chocolate. Yeah that's right, I said guilt free. 


Yields one pie

13 oz. semi sweet or dark chocolate chips, melted
1 tbs agave
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbs of flavored liquor such as coffee or raspberry (optional)
1 gram cracker crust (I buy premade)
ready for it?
1 package of silken tofu ..... Dun, dun, dunnnn! 

1. Mix your tofu, agave, vanilla, liquor - if you so chose to use it - in a blender or processor until smooth. 
2. Melt your chocolate chips. I put them in a pot over medium heat on the stove.
3. Once melted add your chocolate to your tofu mix and blend completely.
4. Poor into your crust and chill in the refrigerator for 2 hours.
Then devour!

Knocking in at just 200 calories a slice and packed with protein, this recipe is sure to satisfy your craving without all the perservatives and fat. Even better it is husband and friend approved! I love to make this pie and let others try it without saying a word about it's content. Just to see their reactions. I have never come across a person who didn't like it. Unless they straight up lied to my face and nobody does that!

Tell your sweet tooth I said your welcome. 

Random Happenings

Top of the mornin' to ya! (Said in my best British accent) If you didn't know, I am obsessed with speaking in accents. Almost as much as I am obsessed with sarcasm. It's a close call.

So I feel like my brain is overloaded with one billion things I need to share with you. Does that ever happen to you? You have so many good blog ideas, but when you go to write them down they vanish into thin air? I was going to be all productive and write my blog post last night so that this morning it wouldn't be on my mind and I could snooze, but no. That didn't happen. Instead I went to bed with an extreme, pulsing headache from not being able to write a complete sentence much less a decent blog post. It could have been that I was distracted by the new season of The Voice too. And the fact that I crawled in bed before 10pm. Yeah, it was a compilation of sorts.

When I woke up this morning and Jon said, "What are you going to write about?" my headache came pulsing right back. To which he told me I need to get dressed up sometime so he can take pictures of me so I have a back-up plan to post. When uninspired, post a fashion post. I took this as, crap my husband thinks I don't dress up anymore decent enough to be in a picture. I work from home, I don't necessarily feel like putting on a sweater dress and boots to hang around the house. I'll stick with no bra and boxer shorts. I sure do love that man. He says a few good lines before thinking sometimes that I will taunt him with forever. Oh like the time he pointed to a magazine cover of a skinny stick of a woman that read, "Lose 30lbs in just days!" and said to me, "Look babe, that's going to be you one day". Uhhh?? (Puzzled expression on my face. Wait for it...let it sink in...) To which he had the "ah-HA" moment and apologized. He meant that would be me on the cover of a magazine one day, not the losing 30lbs one day. Bless his heart. He always means well.

Oh what else do I have to share? Oh, so Jon and I signed up for a half marathon for April of 2014. Yes I have lost my mind. Jon somehow convinced me I could do it. Prayers starting now would be appreciated. (Any advice for half marathon training would be appreciated). Luckily it's going to be in Nashvegas so I can listen to country music and drink my sorrows away when I don't make it across the finish line. Kidding. Sort of.

So this past week I have had a handful of bloggers and a soon to be blogger ask me for blogging advice. Yes, I know. Girl say whaaaa? I had to reread the messages too in order to get over the initial shock of it. I am completely flattered. I am an amateur, but I am happy to share what I have learned. Since I seem to be writing the same stuff repeatedly I thought I would just share it in a post for all to see.  So that will be coming to a blog near you soon.

Well folks. Turns out my brain is working somewhat better than it was last night, but my cup of coffee is empty and that's a problem. So I am outta here. Stay beautiful!

PS. Don't forget to enter the Fall giveaway here on le blog.

PPS. Or is it PSS? Go check out The Life of Bon where myself and some others are giving away some goodies!

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Welcoming Fall, Giveaway Style


Oh mountains, I shall never leave you. Willingly. (PS. This picture is from last year, no the leaves have not turned here yet.) But you bet your bottom you'll be seeing photos like this when they do!

Saturday I rang in Fall the correct way by refusing to get out of my yoga pants and leave my spot on the couch. Except for the occasional bathroom break or beer refill. You know, the important stuff. But you would already know that if you followed me on Instagram. The vegging continued on as I snuggled my pups, cheered on the Vols, napped with the hubs, and caught up on some blogs. You could call it my favorite Saturday ever. Oh except for the Saturday I got married. That takes 1st place. Oh and of course I was the last person to watch The Great Gatsby! But the good part about waiting for everyone else to see it is I hear all the reviews first, save my money, and then have plenty of people to talk about it with once I've seen it. And that my friends, was an exciting and fabulous movie!

What's even more exciting is that myself and some lovely ladies I know you'll love, are hosting a giveaway just for you! You should probably buy something really cute for Fall with this prize. Not that I'm telling you what to do or anything. But it's Fall. And that's important.

Now take a moment and give each of these cutie pies a visit, will ya! After you enter the giveaway that is.
Now go on, get to enterin'!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Fit Friday: Edition 2

Welcome back, loves!

Fit Friday: Edition 1

You will notice that the workout routines below are the exact same as last week, minus the fact that cardio wasn't even in my dictionary this week. Lame. I just wasn't feeling it so I didn't worry about it. Next week will be a new week as far as I'm concerned. Because I wasn't doing any cardio I made sure I kept my eating in check big time. No reason to divulge if I wasn't having a good sweat session to work it off.

PS. Looking at these pictures, I really need to invest in some prettier workout gear. There is something about feeling good in the outfit you are wearing that makes you want to work ten times harder in the gym. Excuse me hubby, I need to buy more workout clothes in order to make me workout. Yes? Ok, great!

The Workouts (3 sets, 12 reps. 1 Minute rest in between)

I made them into one picture so that you can easily "pin" this and the workouts will be easily accessible on your Pinterest account. Because if you are like me, your Pinterest app is on your home screen. 
I get my workout routines from everywhere and anywhere. Sometimes I mosh-posh routines together too. I have workouts I use from Tone It Up for toning purposes and other workouts from for weight training. There are so many good resources available now a days.

Stay positive y'all! And remember, if you slip up,  don't give up!

PS. Make sure to check back Monday, there may be a giveaway happening!

***Disclosure: Any information that I share with you is all from my own knowledge and studying. I am not a certified personal trainer or nutritionist. You should always consult a physician before making any changes to your physical activity and/or eating habits.
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My Fairytale

When I was trying to decide on what to blog about today I had a few ideas rambling around in my brain, but then I got distracted at looking at photos on my computer. (Distractions are a normal occurrence in my life). I came across some of my engagements and bridals and that's when it hit me! I have never shared my love story. You know, how it all happened. So I know it's not all glitter and fireworks for you, but for me, it's happiness. It's pure happiness. Most every girl I know dreams up that moment. The ring, the man, the expressions... and then when it happens all that goes out the window and you find yourself in the moment, swept off your feet and simply happy.

Or at least that's how it was for me.

I used to live in North Carolina where I worked as a marketing director for Chick-fil-A. That job paid my bills all through high school and my first year of college, up until I went to the Police Academy. Jon's sister also worked at CFA as the lead marketing director. We worked closely together for 2 years. Kimberly was rooted in Christ, married, had 3 children and became just an incredible confidant and friend. We began having meetings out to lunch together, shopping together, I would babysit her children. We became like sisters! Well Kimberly saw me go through a really crappy relationship. You know that one where you think you have found the one. When you think you know what love is. The one that has to break your heart completely before you really find true love. Yeah she was there for all of that. Until finally I put an end to that relationship and decided to learn to love myself. Kim would constantly mention her brother or tell me how great he was and I how we would hit it off if we met. At that time I just wasn't interested in a boyfriend, much less a set-up.
One year passed after my breakup. That was a year of healing for me because I learned to love myself again. I learned what I wanted and what I was content waiting for. Throughout that year Kim mentioned Jon's name a few more times. I stalked him a little on Facebook to see what he looked like. But I still turned the set-up down. Until one day Kim asked me if I would come to her kids baseball game. And she just happened to mention Jon would probably be coming too. I have no idea what changed, but I was ready to meet him. I found myself giddy like a high school girl. So with butterflies swarming my stomach I headed to the game that evening. Kim lived less than a half mile from the baseball field so we ended up walking. That walk felt like it took years. I didn't know if I had to pee or throw up or giggle hysterically. Oh I was a hot mess! Until we started heading down the hill and I saw him. My whole world fell silent. No exaggeration.

I couldn't take my eyes off him.

He was extremely hot, dressed casually in jeans, a viper T-shirt with a backwards baseball cap and black sporty sunglasses. As soon as he smiled in my direction I'm pretty sure I blacked out for a minute. When he spoke to me I tried to remember to remain calm, look cute, be yourself, but goodness he seriously had me mesmerized. It was a feeling I had never felt before.

That night at the baseball game we chatted it up. The conversation was easy and we had so much in common. We went to dinner afterwards with the entire family and then even spent some time at Kimberly's house after dinner hanging out with her kids. I found myself even more smitten seeing the way he was with his niece and nephews. I finally left (not wanting the night to end) and prayed pleaded to God he would be interested in me. Not even 10 minutes after I left Kim called and said he asked for my number. I almost had to pull over the excitement was so thrilling! And the man didn't wait either. Moments later I had my first message from him! That night we talked for quite some time. Not even a month later he sent flowers to my office asking me to check yes or no to being his girlfriend!
The rest is history. That night at the baseball game I knew I loved him. You can call me crazy all you want, but a girl knows. In my heart I knew.

Six months later he got down on one knee in the privacy of our own home, 5,000 rose pedals scattered throughout the house and Marry Me by Train playing in the background. Six months after that we met at the alter. And here we are, a little over a year married. Living our happy every after.
I didn't think I could love that man more than I did in the beginning. But he is an even better husband than he was boyfriend. He is my best friend. My confidant. My voice of reason. My sounding board. My cheerleader. He is my daily commitment. And my love for him continues to grow stronger.
Everyone says the first year of marriage is the hardest. I have to disagree. The first year is the best! And it's everything you put into it. And the best part is, it isn't over. There are more pages to turn.
The end.

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