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Another One Bites The Dust

Excuse me while I get over the shock and awe at the fact that tomorrow is October 1st. I mean seriously? I would love to know why when I was a small child it seemed like time stood still. Now as a grown adult I blink at it's a new year! Shesh.

Every time the weekend roles around I make a promise to myself that I am going to get my blog post done on Sunday night so I won't have to fiddle with it on Monday morning. Every.single.time. Hasn't happened yet. I wonder when that day will come? Let's shoot for this Sunday. Ha.

On to the weekend. It was a lovely one. Saturday morning was spent hanging out at our neighbors yard sale which then turned into planning a neighborhood block party. Holla! I'm always down for a good shin dig.

After a while we made our way into town for some pumpkin pickin' at the local produce stand. Words can't even describe the happiness in my heart.
For some reason produce stands cause me to reflect on how much I love the South. Just good ole' farmer John making his share in the community. Where everybody knows everybody. There is just something more enticing about buying my produce at farmer John's than at Walmart. Perhaps because the produce looks healthier? Or because Jon and I own our own business and we know how important it is to support small, local businesses. Either way produce stands make me happy.
Later in the afternoon we went and helped Jon's parents mow grass at their property. This picture explains how high the grass was. I wasn't bending over. Yeah. Scary. I snapped this shot before over an acre of this 5 foot tall grass was shredded into pieces.

Sunday was another beautiful day. I just love waking up and letting the outdoors remind me it's Fall! I have to soak it up while I can because it never lasts long enough. After church we went to Bristol for the Super Chevy Show to show off the Monster Mower.
I haven't told you about Monster Mower yet? Oh my. That is going to have to wait for a later date. PS. If school buses looked like that when I was a kid I may not have skipped as much.

The rest of the evening was spent lounging on the couch and crying over the fact that the Dallas Cowboys shame me every Sunday. I don't even know why I pull for them. Oh yeah, now I remember. Because I am a loyal fan!

Happy Monday, loves!

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7 comments on "Another One Bites The Dust"
  1. Looks like a great weekend. I love fall too!!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! I also love pumpkin patches and produce stands!

  3. This looks like the PERFECT weekend!! Love produce stands too!!

  4. Way to be a loyal fan! Haha. I have cousins that are die hard fans. They are always grumpy about the losses ;) Also, I don't know how it became October so fast.. what. the. heck. At least I love Fall right?

  5. how did you get your slideshow to work? i created a blog this weekend, but when I tried to set up the slideshow it wouldn't work.

  6. Sounds like a blast! Such a fabulous post, love. You are seriously too darn cute. If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit. :)

  7. Hey chica! So glad you have a blog. I'll have to come explore tonight after work! :) I went to email you back but realized your address was a no-reply commenter soooo, email below:

    Literally love all the songs you listed but don't have them on my playlist -DONE!

    And you are so not screwed, you have tons of time to train and rock this! My tips are below:
    -Pick a training plan. I like a 3-run a week plan. So Monday's I'll do track workouts or tempo runs (faster and shorter runs to help you with speed), I do a mid-week run that's anywhere from 4-7 miles and then weekends are long runs that build up in miles as the half gets closer. So your first "long run" is like 4 miles. As you get closer you can train up to 13 or 14.
    -Taper - Week of, you don't want to be running more than 2-4 miles maybe twice a week
    -Hydrate - Drinking the morning of your run does nothing. What you drink the day before is what counts
    -Set a goal. If I go out and say 'hmmm maybe I'll run 3-5 miles today" I will always run 3. If I say "I'm going to run 5 miles today" - I will run 5.
    -Cross train - In all honesty, running is not the best thing for your body. It's hard on your joints, it's a lot of work and expends a lot of energy. Make sure you're doing things like yoga or swimming (I hate swimming so i do yoga) or bike, elliptical, weights - anything BUT running 2-3 times a week - even for maybe 20/25 minutes. I LOVE the video workouts by the Tone It Up girls - some are like 10 minutes; they're awesome.
    -Ice and stretch. Every athlete (that's you!) should be icing after every run. We have 11 burses in our knee caps (they're little sacks of fluid) and they swell up when we run. If we don't help the swelling to stop they can create calcium deposits which makes your knees hurt and sound crackly. So make sure you ice - AND ice the backs of your knees. The "most important" burses live there.

    Whew...clearly I can talk about running forever! Good luck and email any time.!


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