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Going Out With My Boots On

Notice anything different around these parts? No? Well let me just show you.

No mas "blogspot". Yeah, things are pretty official around these parts now a days. It's pretty comical that a simple domain name can make me feel so stoked, but man it does. I'm going to toast with my new obsession, Angry Orchard Hard, Crisp Apple Cider. Man that's a mouthful. A mouth full of YUMMINESS! (Ba don don chsh) --That was a drum sound if you are still staring at it thinking, "sounds like this girl has already had a few too many). Not the case, but perhaps it would enhance my writing skills? I'll give it a shot some time.

Back to my complete joy for my "official" blog url. I decided it was so awesome that I would get dressed up and let Jon take me out for a drink and pictures. Or rather pictures and a drink. If you don't celebrate the little things in life, than someone else will. Remember when I told you about how Jon says I should get dressed once in awhile so he can take pictures of me? Yeah, well his wish is my command. Not really, but I like for him to think so. I don't get dressed up for just anything. But this? This was something to celebrate. What do I do when I want to celebrate you ask? Home girl puts her boots on!
I might add that I think it's extremely pitiful that I call getting dressed up putting on leggings, boots and an over-sized sweater. This is called cozy-lazy dressed up.
Boots | Ariat
Sweater | JCPenny
Necklace | Charming Charlie
Sunglasses | Coach

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6 comments on "Going Out With My Boots On"
  1. You are so cute! Dressing up is wearing anything but a tee shirt and sweats. I love your boots!

  2. Yay for the officialness!!

    I'll take cozy-lazy dressy any day!

  3. I love it!!! The whole outfit!!! That would be me dressing up too!! Lol I need to shop in your closest lol... And Angry Orchard is the best!!

  4. You are official now girl!! Love the pictures. That outfit it so cute and those boots need to appear in my closet!

  5. those boots are so fun!! and can I please have your hair? It is SO gorgeous!!

  6. Congrats on the domain! And seriously, you are GORGEOUS!!


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