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Hawaiian Shirts & Pipe Tobacco

One week ago today my Uncle Bobby passed away. I wasn't sure how to talk about it here on the blog. I am an open book and I am more than willing to share anything and everything because I think it's a great gift to learn from others pains, mistakes or screw-ups. But I wanted to let things settle down a bit first and let the wound scab over so you could say. I think it's actually easier telling you all this virtually rather than a face to face conversation because the listener always feels inclined to say something helpful or condoling. And it's so not necessary here. I am so grateful for the prayers you all sent up for my family and Uncle Bobby a couple of weeks ago. He quickly turned for the worse and was hospitalized. Thankfully they got him moved home with hospice just days before he died so he could be comfortable and at peace. I got to talk to him days before he passed away and he was so content. He told me not to worry about him because he knew where he was going, but that he was worried about the loved ones he was leaving behind who just couldn't let go. He is in such a better place, pickin' his guitar with Jesus. I can't even explain how content I am with it just knowing he isn't suffering anymore. His other half he left behind is who needs prayers now. She is healing slowly. I just can't even imagine what that kind of hurt feels like.

Today I am just going to commemorate his life. 

Uncle Bobby, I can smell your pipe tobacco now. I'll never forget the scent. I can hear your deep, raspy voice singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" like it's playing on my radio. Your deep chuckle of laughter could fill a room and warm my heart. And no one will ever be able to pull off a Hawaiian shirt the way you did. You will not be forgotten. Until I see you again I'll keep eating over sized bowls of ice cream in your honor. I love you.

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8 comments on "Hawaiian Shirts & Pipe Tobacco"
  1. What a beautiful post. Stay strong dear. I'm sorry for your loss.
    He looks & sounds like a wonderful man.

    XO Fal

  2. That brought tears to my eyes.. I was praying for him, I am happy he was able to go in peace. I will be praying for his wife, hopefully she can find peace in knowing that it was God's timing for Him to go home.

  3. He does wear a Hawaiian shirt very well! I'm glad that he is at peace, I will pray for you and your family for healing. I know how hard loss can be and it always makes me feel good when people show they care!

  4. I'm sorry for your loss. Praying for your aunt and the rest of your family to heal.

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