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I Don't Want Stretchy Pants To Be My Future!

Hello, lovelies. I have a dilemma.

My pants are fitting too snug. Which is why I switched to yoga pants. Now my dilemma is gone. But really I wish the fix was that easy. I'm afraid this one is going to be a little more strenuous and time consuming.

Let me just start by telling you about my meals the past two days.

Day No. 1: I started with a muffin (those delicious banana/cream cheese muffins I made) and a cup of coffee. Later I snacked on some peanut butter crackers. For lunch I ate....oh I'm scared to admit it....a Pal's hot dog, fries and Mr. Pibb. UGH. And then if that wasn't bad enough I ate Mexican for dinner. And of course I didn't hold back on the white queso or the giant margarita. It wouldn't have been Mexican without them!

Day No. 2: Peanut butter crackers for breakfast. A Subway pizza for lunch. I'm so embarrassed right now. And for dinner I finished up that pizza. After a few rounds of volleyball last evening I felt it necessary to divulge in a Cheerwine float from Cookout along with some nasty hush puppies that I ate for reasons I don't know.

See my dilemma? My body feels whack! And for those of you that know me, I do NOT eat like this. Not full time anyway. My treat is usually the creamer in my coffee or a piece of dark chocolate when my afternoon slump appears and that tasty cocktail on date night with the hubs. And for those of you that may be thinking something else could be causing this...well I highly doubt it. I'll let you know in a couple of weeks if my body swells and I puke or something.

But hey on the positive side I could remember everything I ate for the past two days. Now that, my friends, is an accomplishment! {Insert clapping/cheering here.}

Awhile back I shared my Tone It Up story. I LOVE this plan, but for some reason I have let the chaos inside of my body take control and forgotten how good it felt to stick to that plan. Maybe it has been the lack of full nights of sleep. Or the constant "on the go" schedule creating chaos causing Jon and I to eat on the road.

Well I want to put a stop to it! I don't want stretchy pants to be my future! Wait, let me think about that for a minute...No. No! I really don't! So I am putting an end to it now. If next years summer is going to be anything like this summer where we were outdoors, beaching it up, at the lake, or kayaking all the time then I'd better get started.

I can't decide whether I want to do a weekly recap here on the bloggie of where I am as I start back on my fitness journey. I don't really like to be pegged down to a schedule on the blog, but it may be something to hold me accountable. Something you all might enjoy?

Give me some feedback. Would you like to see something like a "Fit Friday" weekly post of my fitness journey? Or would that just bore you to death? I warn you now, it may bore me to death and I might put an end to it. But if it means I lose inches because of the accountability, well than we might have ourselves a deal!

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6 comments on "I Don't Want Stretchy Pants To Be My Future!"
  1. A fit Friday sounds great... I'm always looking for inspiration and great ideas. I need to get on some sort of fitness track too. I eat horrible and then tend to feel bad for a minute just to end up eating more. YIKES!!
    It's all so hard. Don't be so hard on yourself. We are our own worst enemies!!

  2. Fit Friday sounds great! Also sounds like a good link up! I'd link up to it! I also need the motivation sometimes. I lost a lot of weight and well since getting married it has been a lot harder to get motivation to work out.. I still eat healthy most of the time but definetly not as well as I used to.

  3. I get out of wack ALL of the time with my eating and workout routines... and I always end up so hard on myself because of it! I would love to track progress with you somehow! I need someone to hold me accountable :)

  4. I'd love for you to post about being healthy! Mr. Jolley and I are on a mission to lose the weight we gained while dating. I'm down 4 pounds and he's down 8. We are taking raspberry ketone (not really sure if it's doing anything), actually going to the gym, and having Slimfast shakes for breakfast. I'd LOVE to get more ideas from your blog! :)


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