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It's The Little Things

Of course I would like to say my prayers are with those who have and still are impacted by the disaster that happened today in 2001. Every time this day roles around each year I am forced to reminisce on where I was and the horrific views of what our whole nation saw. But those feelings are nothing compared to those who lost loved ones or survived the attack. I am so grateful for the blessings God has placed in my life and I'm grateful to know that the events that happen in this world are only temporary pains. I have an eternal, glorious life awaiting me.

With that said I am reminded of the "little things" in life that cause me to smile. Whether they be materialistic, emotional, relationships, events, etc. Life is too short not to enjoy the little things.

This cup holds my glorious coffee in the mornings and my soothing tea in the evenings. Dear T.J.Maxx, thank you for selling this amazing cup. Who knew it could bring joy to my heart.

Oh leggings how I love you. Your adorable print and cozy texture leave me longing to stay in you all day long. Thanks Brickyard Buffalo for making my legs love you.

My Contigo water bottle (similar here). Man, who knew I had such a talent for modeling water bottles? Shoot, this water bottle somehow makes me drink triple the amount of water a day. It has become my baby bottle that goes everywhere I go and I find myself drinking out of it with realizing it. Win!

Date nights with this guy. I find myself laughing like a hyena with this cracker. He brings joy to my heart and sanity to my life. Love you hubs! (Thanks Iphone for terrible pic quality)

Moments like these when I catch my doggies loving on one another make me smile. They are bestest buds and the biggest lovers. They both have a huge place in my heart. Ps. Bestest is a word my language.

My Iphone case from His and Her Prints. I adore monograms and cute prints so this gal is perfect. And I know everyone says you are supposed to put your last initial in the middle, but that just doesn't make sense to me. So I chose chronological order. #daretobedifferent

How did I ever cook or bake without you for all these years? Oh my Heavens how I love thee! And my arm does too from all those countless times I whisked, stirred, churned and performed any other horrific movement.

And those are a few things that currently make my world go round. Ohhhh happy day!

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2 comments on "It's The Little Things"
  1. Love your iPhone case, the mug, your leggins, everything! :)

  2. Ditto to what Pamela said! Haha! I love big pretty mugs! And I NEED those leggings! Do you wear them as pants or under dresses? I'd be afraid I wouldn't know what to pair them with. I also don't know how I baked before I got my mixer lol! Glad your enjoying it!


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