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Lake Day Shenanigans By Roxi


Hello there to all mommies readers! Happy Labor Day!
Oskar and Roxi here.
We like to call ourselves the better half of the Mill's family.
We thought it was about time you heard from us here on mom's blog.
Mom said we could because she is working on our new porch with dad. Something about "I have been asking your dad to do this forever and it's finally getting done so I can't be distracted with my blog today..."

Anyway, this weekend was awesome. We got to go to our favorite place. The lake.
#happydogs. We don't know what that whole hashtag thing is about, but mom does it and we assume you'll understand.

At the lake we take naps on the porch, chase after sticks, splash in the water, ride on the boat, run on the dock and try and eat daddy's lures when he's fishing.  
Actually just I, Roxi, likes to do that last thing. I'm not sure why. Those shiny things taunt me. 
Once I got a hook caught in my mouth and dad had to pull it out. I won't go into that story, it brings up bad memories. Almost as bad as the time my mom slammed my tail in the car door. 
Silly humans.
I'd still be mad at both of them if it wasn't for all the treats they gave me afterwards.

Back to the lake.
With it being a holiday weekend and all, we thought we'd show off for mom and dad.
Oskar learned how to run and jump off the dock when daddy threw a stick.

Big whoop. I learned something cooler. 
I learned how to swim!
Actually I knew how to, but I just didn't want to show anyone until this weekend when I fell off the dock forcing me to show mom and dad my swimming talents. They were quite impressed.

I can't let Oskar have all the attention.
You'd think we had learned how to speak the way mom reacted to us learning our new tricks. Geez.
She was squealing like crazy and she wouldn't get that stinking camera out of our faces.
I can't imagine how she'll be with human children one day.

Now that they know I swim I figured it was best I embrace it and spend the rest of the day swimming after sticks with my little brother.

And that's a wrap folks. I am sure you enjoyed hearing from us much more than you do mom, but don't tell her that.

We're off to take a nap and dream about chasing squirrels. This blogging thing is exhausting.

Paws out.

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