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Top of the mornin' to ya! (Said in my best British accent) If you didn't know, I am obsessed with speaking in accents. Almost as much as I am obsessed with sarcasm. It's a close call.

So I feel like my brain is overloaded with one billion things I need to share with you. Does that ever happen to you? You have so many good blog ideas, but when you go to write them down they vanish into thin air? I was going to be all productive and write my blog post last night so that this morning it wouldn't be on my mind and I could snooze, but no. That didn't happen. Instead I went to bed with an extreme, pulsing headache from not being able to write a complete sentence much less a decent blog post. It could have been that I was distracted by the new season of The Voice too. And the fact that I crawled in bed before 10pm. Yeah, it was a compilation of sorts.

When I woke up this morning and Jon said, "What are you going to write about?" my headache came pulsing right back. To which he told me I need to get dressed up sometime so he can take pictures of me so I have a back-up plan to post. When uninspired, post a fashion post. I took this as, crap my husband thinks I don't dress up anymore decent enough to be in a picture. I work from home, I don't necessarily feel like putting on a sweater dress and boots to hang around the house. I'll stick with no bra and boxer shorts. I sure do love that man. He says a few good lines before thinking sometimes that I will taunt him with forever. Oh like the time he pointed to a magazine cover of a skinny stick of a woman that read, "Lose 30lbs in just days!" and said to me, "Look babe, that's going to be you one day". Uhhh?? (Puzzled expression on my face. Wait for it...let it sink in...) To which he had the "ah-HA" moment and apologized. He meant that would be me on the cover of a magazine one day, not the losing 30lbs one day. Bless his heart. He always means well.

Oh what else do I have to share? Oh, so Jon and I signed up for a half marathon for April of 2014. Yes I have lost my mind. Jon somehow convinced me I could do it. Prayers starting now would be appreciated. (Any advice for half marathon training would be appreciated). Luckily it's going to be in Nashvegas so I can listen to country music and drink my sorrows away when I don't make it across the finish line. Kidding. Sort of.

So this past week I have had a handful of bloggers and a soon to be blogger ask me for blogging advice. Yes, I know. Girl say whaaaa? I had to reread the messages too in order to get over the initial shock of it. I am completely flattered. I am an amateur, but I am happy to share what I have learned. Since I seem to be writing the same stuff repeatedly I thought I would just share it in a post for all to see.  So that will be coming to a blog near you soon.

Well folks. Turns out my brain is working somewhat better than it was last night, but my cup of coffee is empty and that's a problem. So I am outta here. Stay beautiful!

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4 comments on "Random Happenings"
  1. Oh the magazine comment! Bless it ha men don't think sometimes! Man a half marathon!? Daaang ;)

  2. Yay for running a half! I was training for one before I got pregnant with the boys. I got to five miles and then no one wanted to train with me so I stopped. :( I will do it one day, though! Also, it's P.P.S., for Post Post Script. ;) Little trivia there for ya!

  3. Yyay for the half!! You can do it!! Just start slow and gradually build up! I've heard that's a really fun race!

  4. One time my husband said to me, "I love how you have this huge tummy that pokes out after we eat dinner. You're just so tiny but then you get so big by your belly!" Um... that's not a compliment sweetie. haha.
    Good luck with training for the half marathon! I believe in you!


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