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What's In My Bag?

So I know you were probably expecting another Fit Friday edition today, but I warned you. I get burnt out easily when I make a routine or schedule out of something. And I don't like feeling as if I have to do something. In fact, I rebel when that happens. My mother and my husband can tell you first hand that this is the truth. Jon knows better than to tell me to do a chore because I will find any way to procrastinate against doing it. Now if he asks me, I do it happily with no arguments. I guess the word for this is stubborn?

Anywho, I will be back with more Fit Friday editions in the future, but I just had to take a break from the monotonous routine. Instead I really wanted to play along with the "What's In My Bag" post I have seen circulating around blog world. I am the worlds largest snoop so when I saw these posts where women were sharing what they kept in their purses, I was overcome with excitement! Really though, I am that person you invite over for dinner and excuse myself to use your bathroom so I can creep down your hall looking in rooms, glancing in your medicine cabinet, and smelling your lotions. Only to pretend I took a few wrong turns when I get back to the dinner table.

So now that I have rat myself out, allow me to allow you to snoop.

 The bag

1. Wallet from Target.
2. My concealed carry handgun (you betcha I carry a gun and yes I have the permit to carry it)
3. A light bulb I have been meaning to match & replace. That's been in there for a month now.
4. My planner in which I depend upon to tell me where to be at what to do.
5. Favorite pens. Pilots.
6. A caramel apple lollipop in case I get a hankerin' for something sweet.
7. I grouped this junk together. Nail file, tampon, nail polish remover and contact case.
8. Favorite gum. Thank you Orbit for making my breath smell minty fresh.
9. A given. No one leaves home without their cellular device. Because that would be tragic.
10. A variety of lipstick. I just never know what mood I'll be in on any given day.
11. Ehh hand lotion I took from a hotel once upon a time. Never used it.
12. I don't know what you'd call that. My running buddy that carries my phone so I can listen to tunes and track my mileage so that I don't lose interest in the fact that I'm running thingy.

Try to contain your awe at all the glamour in my purse. This was fun! For me at least.

What's something interesting you keep in your purse?

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6 comments on "What's In My Bag?"
  1. 1. If you ever come to my house, I will be sure that every room is clean and the medicine cabinet has nothing embarrassing in it and I have fancy lotions.
    2. It is awesome that you carry a gun.

  2. I love that you conceal and carry! I have my permit as well but I have been debating on what gun is best to conceal. What do you carry? Also do you just keep it in your purse? How easy is it for you to access it? Rock on girl!

  3. LOVE that you're pro conceal and carry as well. It's awesome seeing stylish, kick ass ladies in blogland. You go girl. PS. Adorable bag, wallet, and planner.

    Xo Fal

  4. Love it! I have been considering getting my permit to conceal and carry.. Do you carry it with you all the time?

  5. Because that would be tragic. hahaha Love that. I tried doing a weekly link up thing for awhile and loved it but couldn't keep up with it. I'm just not cut out to be that kind of a blogger I guess. Oh well ;) I still love your blog! It was fun to see what was in your purse! Mine is much messier!


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