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A Blog Facelift

Why hello there! Hope you had a fabulous weekend. They always come and go too quickly. Only 5 more days until the next one!

Notice anything new around these parts? This ole' blog of mine got a facelift. I figured if I was getting work done, my blog should follow suit. Ain't she perty? Thanks to Jana at JTDesigns for making my dreams come true. Jana is not only as precious as they come, but she is quick and organized. Just how I like things! If you are interested in having your blog designed, I would make sure to check her out. You won't be sorry.

Now for my Weekend Shenanigans. It wasn't an eventful weekend because I am still recovering and I can't do much. PS. Thanks for all of your sweet "get well" wishes. I genuinely appreciate all of you. Since I was stuck inside and bed/couch ridden for days, your uplifting comments and emails kept my spirits high. I never imagined blogging could open up such doors for me and create sweet, genuine friendships. I am beyond blessed :) Anywho I am sharing pictures from right outside my front door because I would have nothing else otherwise. Unless you would rather see pictures of my blanket, pillow, pain pills and my couch? It's the first time I've gotten dressed and stepped outside all week and I was pretty excited about it.

1. My one and only Fall DIY project from a week ago. I'm surprised that wreath even happened.
2. Cuddles....lots and lots of cuddles.
3. My sweet Roxi baby watching football with mom and dad.
4. Jon's new project. I have to say, I kind of love it.
5. Fall colors are popping up all around. I just love the Fall sky. It's such a brilliant blue!
6. Sunday lounging in the front yard, working on projects wouldn't be the same without a brewsky in hand.
7. Leaves are falling everywhere (a little too quickly for my taste). I'm shut in for a few days and come back to this. What the heck!
8. Wicked witch boots and my pumpkin.
9. I have no idea... 

What did you do this weekend? Please tell me something fun so I can live vicariously through you!
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14 comments on "A Blog Facelift"
  1. Love the new look!! Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Love the new design and really love the jeep, is it yours?

  3. love the boots and the pumpkin're ROCKIN those boots girl. LOVE IT!


    ps the new design is eeeee! oh so lovely!!!

  4. love this design and love your name!!

    I always try to get people to call me "Meag" it hasn't caught on yet...but I'm still trying :)

    happy Monday lady!

  5. Your new design looks dang awesome ;) This wreath , almost a perfection because I NEVER completed one .
    Noor's Place

  6. Love the new look! I need to do something with my blog soon but there are just so many designers to choose from so it's great to hear of a recommendation!

  7. Cute wreath! :)
    Pumpkins and cuddles make every weekend good:)

  8. How do you "link in" with someone? I don't really understand the concept completely?

  9. I love your new layout!
    Makes me want one!
    And I LOVE your precious pictures from your weekend! So cute!

  10. Love the burlap bow on the wreath. I really need to get my DIY craft game on.


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