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A Celebratory Weekend: Part 1

I'm going to start with Sunday and trek backwards in a two part series because that's how I role. And because you might go insane from picture overload if I threw the whole weekend into one post. Yeah, it was that kind of weekend. We spent about 6 1/2 hours in the car traveling between NC and TN visiting family. Those weekends fly by, but they are so worth it just getting to visit and creating those memories.

Yesterday was my mother-in-law's birthday. What a woman, y'all. Talk about special. If it's pouring the rain outside and looks like a tornado might be in the distance she will exclaim how beautiful it is to see an inch of blue sky miles away. If her favorite football team (DALLAS COWBOYS) is being destroyed because they can't catch a ball she reminds us how quickly they are at least running to the ball. Her glass is always half full. The kind of women, wife and mother I want to be. The type of person you can't find a bad thing to say about. If you can't tell... I adore her.

So because it was her birthday Jon and I wanted to make it special, so we fixed a birthday lunch and had a family day at our house. It is such a rewarding feeling to do something for someone who is completely selfless and is just completely grateful for everything. Jon's sister and husband with their 3 kids came over too. It was the perfect Sunday with a house full of laughter, food and chaos.
Cute bunch, eh?
Sibling love.
My gorgeous sister-in-law. No "in-law" really necessary. We were "sisters" before Jon and I even met.
 See? Full of laughter.
It's a ruff life.
It's not a party without warm homemade apple turnovers and vanilla ice cream. Yep... I can be domestic. {Don't worry the recipe is coming to a blog near you soon}.
I adore this motley crew.

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5 comments on "A Celebratory Weekend: Part 1"
  1. It is so refreshing to be around people like that! She sounds like a wonderful woman! What a fun weekend! :)

  2. Great pictures. The food looks amazing.

  3. I love that last picture! Too cute! And I love how much you adore your mother in law. So sweet :)

  4. Love the pictures!! Gorgeous family :)

  5. Well you guys look like lots of fun!! And that food! And those pups!!


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