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A Celebratory Weekend: Part 2

So now that I overloaded you with family pictures yesterday, today is going to be baby picture overload. That's your warning. Actually it's your second warning.

Saturday Jon and I went to an apple festival in NC. Always a great kick off for Fall. After the festival we had a family get together for my brother's birthday. My brother and his wife along with their sweet baby girl, Chloe, live a few hours away.  So any chance to visit with them is a blessing. Yeah it was my brother's birthday, but let's face it. He just isn't as cute as Chloe :) She steals the show. I realized that after I went to download the pictures from his party and I don't have a single picture of him. Oopsie! Obviously I was a little baby obsessed. Just the norm. I am one of those aunts that grins from ear to ear at the mention of my niece. That has the camera inches away ready to catch a cute moment. If you ask how she is doing you best just be prepared for a picture slideshow and squealing. I remember the day my brother called me to tell me they were expecting. My squeal was heard at least a few miles away. I just couldn't believe I was going to be an aunt. I'm an aunt to Jon's niece and nephews, but they are already 7, 9, and 12 so I didn't get the baby stage with them. Or even the toddler stage much less. I think the excitement factor was that this baby was going to grow up knowing I am their aunt. That I had the chance to spoil and cuddle. And watch her grow throughout her years. She is only 8 months old, but she has had my heart since day one. Luckily her mommy and daddy understand and let me have as much baby time as I desire when I'm around.

Ms. Chloe Reese. Not to be confused with Chlo. Her daddy does not like that nickname. Not one bit.
The red hair, crystal blue eyes, her grin. The roles on her legs! Swoon!
Proud grandpa.
We had lots to catch up on.
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4 comments on "A Celebratory Weekend: Part 2"
  1. What a fun weekend!! I was totally that baby obsessed aunt but now that I have my own baby? I'm totally a baby obsessed mom which is much, much worse :)

  2. What a doll! I am obsessed with her gorgeous hair! She's going to grow up to be a beauty! Her daddy better watch out :)

  3. Love your blog!
    I'd love it if you check out mine and tell me what you think!!


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