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Blooper Reel

One of my favorite things about taking "fashion" pictures (and I use that term lightly) is looking back through at the hundreds of pictures Jon takes of me and finding the worst. The first time he ever took pictures for an outfit post he was very reserved with the camera. Only snapping the shots we both deemed necessary. Well after looking at those pictures we learned quickly that I get an average of 1 good picture for every 5 he takes. So a few pictures wasn't going to be enough. It's not him, it's me. I feel so funny in front of the camera that I have to goof off and laugh at myself to feel comfortable.

I present the Blooper Reel. {I forwarn you there are a lot of pictures} Sadly I know what that says about myself. We all can't be good at everything ya know.
Note to self. Duck faces aren't cute.
 This hair is really starting to piss me off.
Got it. I guess not in time for a decent picture.
 Distracted by bling.
1. "Do I want sushi or pizza tonight?"
1.Any day now Mr. Mills. The neighbors are driving by. 2.And their laughing at me. 3.And now I'm embarrassed and I'm blushing.
Not funny.
 Dadgumit my shirt keeps riding up.
1.Did I just hear the training coming? 2.Holy $*#@ I thought that was the train.
Not sure what he did, but that's my sassy face.
1.Booty shaking. 2. Gosh booty shaking cracks me up. 3. That was stupid. I just shook my booty on the side of the road.
 "What?" Like you've never shook your booty before.
I'm over this. That's a rap.

Please don't be surprised if I sign a contract with Vogue in the next few days. I hear they are looking for awkward white girls. All fingers point to yours truly.
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8 comments on "Blooper Reel"
  1. This is hilarious! Blooper reels are always my favorite part of movies, TV, etc. ...and now we have blogger bloopers. You should make that a thing =)

  2. Lol! Thanks for the laughs! Can your hubby teach my hubby to take pictures?? Your bloopers are no where near as bad as mine! Lol

  3. Love your sassy face & the last picture!! You're gorgeous no matter what!

  4. Even your "bad" pictures look cute! Too funny!

  5. Haha I LOVE your sassy face ;) You are so cute. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. I just popped on over from The Daily Tay and I love that you did this. I always think I could never do a fashion post because I would never get a good shot. Props to you for showing us that you're real just like the rest of us. You still look gorgeous in every picture btw. And you made me snicker.

  7. Awkward white girl....bahahahaha... I love your bloopers! We all have them!

  8. haha cute!
    i know if i were ever to try to get some "fashion" pictures, those would be the only type of pictures i would have to show!


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