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Booty Shaking. Because Life Is Too Short Not To.

It's Friday what what! I'm shaking my booty right now. I like to do that... shake my booty. When no one is watching of course. A little shake in the deserted grocery aisle, while doing the dishes, you know the norm. I'm pretty sure this song was written for me.
So prepare to be amazed. This is twice in one week that I have put on makeup, put on something other than sweatpants and ran a hairbrush through my locks. Whoa momma. I forget how nice it feels to look presentable. But of course I have to have a good reason to take the time to do this. Cheese fries and cocktails are one of those reasons. I have been begging Jon for cheese fries lately, so what does he do? Takes me out on a date. For cheese fries. I've caught myself a good one.
I was shaking my booty. Jon said no.
But see how happy it makes me? But - haha no pun intended.
Top | LizClaiborne
Jeans | American Eagle
Wedges | Charming Charlies
Necklace | Forever 21
Sunglasses | Coach

I'm off to watch the weekend slip through my fingertips! Oh and visit my niece so be prepared for baby pic overload come Monday.
Cheers to a fabulous Friday and weekend, y'all!

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7 comments on "Booty Shaking. Because Life Is Too Short Not To."
  1. Love the outfit. When I act crazy Jordan does a eye roll or says your a dork but I can tell he likes it! Have a great weekend girl!!

  2. What an awesome post!!! Reading The Modern Tulip is definitely the highlight of my day! Btw cheese fries are my fav

  3. I feel like this blog could greatly benefit from a few more pics of that hubby of yours

  4. Ah super cute photos!
    And those cheese fries look ahhh-mazing!

  5. hiiii cutest little muffin!!! i love that top on you!
    and booty shaking, all day, every where, is completely acceptable in my book!
    happy friday :)

  6. You are so adorable! I love that top! Yumm are those Texas Roadhouse cheese fries?! Yum! What is better than a cocktail, a cocktail in a mason jar! Yum looks good! What is it?? Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Loooove your outfit! You are just so pretty!


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