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Halloween 'Week' Festivites Begin

Hello there weekenders! For some reason I like to play this game with myself about getting my post up by 9am every morning. Sometimes I'm super organized and git-er-done the night before so she's ready to go in the morning. That's usually somewhere in the middle of the week when I try.  As for Monday and later days in the week, those are for not caring and falling completely behind. Ya win some, ya lose some.

My weekend was a blast!

1 | Friday night date night with the hubs at one of our favorites, Bonefish. Give me a martini and some goat cheese and I'm happy. 
2 | Saturday was a gorgeous Fall day and I spent it with my gal pals in Kingsport. Had to snap a pic of the last bit of the leaves and their color before it all dies. That sounds morbid, sorry.
3 | Pottery painting with the girls. 
4 | Lunch at The Mustard Seed downtown. To die for.
5 | Great conversation and fellowship with these girls :)
6 | I can't pass up a cute cupcake at a cute bakery, The Little Cake. Good thing is I didn't eat it and surprised Jon with it. Weird fact - I don't like cake. Not even the small cute versions like this.
7 | Making the decorations for Sundays Halloween party. I seriously tuned into my creative side this weekend.
8 | Jon and I. Myself - Cruella Deville. Jon - A creepy zebra.
9 | The whole gang. Coolest costume going to the handmade minion in the back! Whoop, whoop!

What did you do this weekend?

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11 comments on "Halloween 'Week' Festivites Begin"
  1. Your costume is awesome! And that zebra is hilarious!

  2. Love your Cruella! But I will say the Minion is a total winner! If you don't like cake, then you can definitely send those cupcakes my way :) I will gladly eat them for you! Sounds like a great weekend!

  3. Looks like a great weekend! That cupcake looks delish and love your Halloween costumes!

  4. ahh i love the cruella costume!! so awesome!

  5. LOVE yalls costume!! Absolutely perfect! So awesome :)

  6. You. Are. Adorable. All the damn time. How do you do it!? Y'alls costume was beyond amazing.

    › xo fal •

  7. New follower! Found you on the link-up!
    LOVE Bonefish Grill and the Cruella costume!!

  8. i just loled at "the creepy zebra."

    such a fun filled weekend, girlie!!


  9. dying at the zebra your costume!

  10. You make a beautiful Cruella! Looks like you had an amazing weekend!

  11. My mother dressed up as Cruella this year, too, but your costume looks far more lovely and less cartoonish than hers did, lol. Great job! And yes, that is one creepy zebra, ha.



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