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Hi, I'm Maegen And I Have Road Rage.

Now in unison... "Hi Maegen". I seriously feel like I need to start attending RR classes here lately. I don't even know if they really have those, but if they do I am seriously thinking about enrolling. I'm normally an extremely laid back person, but as of lately you can find me screaming in the drivers seat at the inadequate drivers around me or banging my hand against my steering wheel in anger. I know. Scary. I don't know what it is. Maybe my hormones have changed. Or maybe it's just the fact that drivers keep getting worse around me.

So today I welcome you to Driving 101. Where I teach you the rules of the road.

Feel free to send me an apple to put on my desk eat. Not this large though and not plastic... I prefer the edible kind.

1. Use your blinkers! You know those funny things that make the clicking sound when you turn them on. They serve a purpose. To tell other drivers WHAT THE HECK YOU ARE DOING. It is a common courtesy to use them. I can not predict your actions so when you come to almost a complete stop in the road and I wasn't warned, I have to react a lot faster than I'd like to.

2. Turning off your turn signal. Nothing is more annoying then driving behind someone who has forgotten to turn off their turn signal. The entire time I am thinking, "Ok is he going to turn here? Nope guess not. Maybe this next road?" You leave me in constant confusion as to what you are doing. And besides, can you not hear the stinking clicking sound coming from your dashboard? Do you not look down at your speedometer ever? If you did you might notice your signal was still on.

2. Drive in the correct lane. The left lane is for drivers who choose to move at a speed faster than 10 mph. Move over. You are probably going to cause a wreck with the driver who comes barreling in behind you expecting to be going at least 5 miles over the speed limit. And what's worse is when I get stuck behind someone in the fast line driving slow and to their right is a slow driver in the correct lane. At least the driver on the right is doing what their supposed to be doing, but please, one of you please speed up. I don't like being left with the option of going absolutely nowhere at your choice of speed. This causes my blood pressure to rise.

3. Merging lanes correctly. Now this one really lights my fire. When you see a sign that says something about merging lanes because a lane will be ending shortly. That means move over as soon as possible. Not drive until you can drive no further and then sit and wait for some nice soul to let you over. It doesn't mean drive past a whole line of cars with your blinker on stopping every so often to see if someone will let you in. I can tell you something now, that nice soul will never be me. In fact I will most likely shake my head and give you a dirty look when I pass you. How do you like them apples?

4. Right on red. Unless there is a sign stating, "No Right on Red" then you may come to a complete stop and then press your gas peddle and TURN. I hate being the car right behind the person who is holding the whole line up. I feel obligated to blow my horn at you for myself and the others behind me who don't want to wait when they aren't obligated to.

5. Don't leave your bright lights on. I can barely see as it is at dusk/night time so when you blind me with your high beams I am left wondering if I will still be on the road after you have passed me or if I will end up smashed into your front bumper. You turned them on, remember to turn them off.

6. Put the phone down. There are a lot of things you have to do and pay attention to when you are driving. The cars around you, your speed, the radio, your child or dog in the backseat, the road signs, etc. So if you already have trouble with doing those tasks, please for the love of all things in this world, do.not.pick.up.your.cellphone. I am guilty of this offense, but I faced the cold hard truth that I wasn't the bomb at this skill and I put the phone down. If you don't you are basically saying, "Neither of our lives are not as important as the tweet I just got from no one important". And I don't appreciate that.

Well folks, I hope you learned something here today. I enjoyed playing teacher and getting my frustrations out. I think I hit all of my target points there although I'm sure I'll have more after my next venture to town.

What drives you bananas on the road? Or am I the only one with anger problems? No wonder I need a cocktail when I get home.

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9 comments on "Hi, I'm Maegen And I Have Road Rage."
  1. Amen, amen and amen to all of these!! I have to drive on 321 everyday and I am all fired up by the time I get to where I am going!

  2. You would hate driving here in Japan. For some reason, even though it is against the law, people park along the side of the road blocking an entire lane of traffic. It isn't just every once in awhile, it is everywhere! It is like a freaking obstacle course!

  3. I can not stand terrible drivers and there are some bad ones here. Like really bad. It's as if driving is second or third on their list of things that they area doing at that moment.

    Just the other day, I was following a car on a side street, they turned into a parking lot, changed their mind AND STARTED REVERSING. You can't do that! That promptly got a loud honking.

  4. ATL drivers are the worst!! I totally feel you - very cute blog!

  5. Thank you!! People around here don't know how to yield/merge, they either cut you off or stop completely.

  6. I have road rage baaaad. It's awful!! When people do not cut their turn signals off, I cringe inside ha Love this post!

  7. Ha ha. Hahahaha! I LOVE this! If anyone needs to attend RR it would be my husband. Oooooh the stories I have about him and his road rage!
    But seriously, I think the drivers are getting dumber and dumber each day (me excluded, of course!)

  8. HAHAHAHA Girl I totally feel ya! I have the WORST road rage! I blame it on my hour commute to work and school, I just can't deal with bad drivers.

  9. I will admit that I am a slow granny driver. BUT I am proud to say I ALWAYS drive in the farthest right lane. HOLLA!


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