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Weekend Shenanigans

Hi Kittens! Happy Monday morning! I'm quite cheery this morning because I got SO much done this weekend. I actually realized what a boring adult I am now because I'm happy with the fact that I got my adult chores done and I feel relieved because of it. Lame. But I had good reason to get all those things done. Jon and I are heading out of town this evening for something I'm extremely excited about. I can't share it with you just yet though. But I will. Later. Bum, bum, bummm... I'm sure the anticipation is killing you!

I thought I'd link up my weekend with Sami over at Sami's Shenanigans because, well I always check it out on Monday morning so why shouldn't I join in on the fun?
Sami's Shenanigans

Friday evening Jon and I went to dinner with two of our good friends and their sweet babies. 
Adorable, right? I love it when she steals my phone. I'm always left with these cute surprises. 

Saturday I did half of those adult chores I was talking about. I started off by being the coolest wife ever and making monkey bread for breakfast #bestdecisionever. Then I proceeded to organize bills, file paperwork, clean our floors for once, wash windows, catch up on laundry, IRON and I even got a little crafty and made a wreath... I know, I know. I impressed myself people. 
 Oh and I hung out over at The Daily Tay for the day. Met some new peeps. I love making new friends :)
Saturday night my best friend and her boyfriend came into town just to visit and have dinner with us. It's never a boring time when we get together.
Sunday after church and lunch with friends we came home and I finished playing adult for the weekend. Cleaning out both of our vehicles, which by the way I consider an awful task. I can't tell you the countless wrappers, stale french fries and receipts I found laying around. Not to mention the amount of dog hair I sucked up was enough to make a fur coat. Disgusting. Oh! We finally finished our porch! Well, Jon and his dad finally finished our porch.

And of course we spent the evening watching Dallas be Dallas. At least they finally won this time.
And that's a wrap, folks.

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8 comments on "Weekend Shenanigans"
  1. Aww I love little kid selfies! So adorable! And cute wreath! I'm a new follower from The Daily Tay :-)

  2. Sounds like a good weekend to me :) Love the wreath!

  3. wait - do you live in dallas?! if so, me too! monkey bread is always a good decision. sounds like a great weekend.

  4. Love the wreath girlie...I hate doing the ADULT stuff too but unfortunately if I don't then no one will in my house... LOL don't tell my hubby I said that!!

  5. Looks like you had a great weekend! OMG your friend's little guy's hair is to die! What a sweetie!

  6. what cute kids! glad you had a fun weekend :)

  7. This makes me want to clean out my car. I know mine is worse.. haha. Glad you had a fun weekend! :)

  8. What a gorgeous wreath! Good job :)
    I'm the same over "adult" stuff now, I feel so boring :P

    Kate | Diaries of a Essex Girl


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