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You Have Questions. I Have Answers.

So today that thing that I'm really excited about, but can't share with you just yet is happening! So I'm going to keep this post short. I may be MIA for the next couple of days, but no worries I have posts lined up for you. And I should mention I may not get back to you right away if you leave me a comment or drop me an email. No need to worry. It will make sense soon. 

This thing that's happening got me to thinking. I like to be real on this here blog of mine. I like to think I am writing to a big bunch of girlfriends who are simultaneously sipping on cocktails with me as we read about each others lives. So why not share the truth or the nitty gritty? That's usually what happens after a few cocktails, right? 

So I thought it would be fun to answer your questions. Is there something you want to know about me directly? Or something in general you want my thoughts on? Ask away! No boundaries. Alright I lied there is one boundary. I won't can't talk with you about sex. I don't think that needs an explanation as to why... *cough* because hubs said so *cough*.  Erin has done something like this, what she calls "Dear Erin" and I get a kick out of it every time.

What do you want to know about me? I'm an open book. Want advice? Want to know why peaches have fuzzy skin? I may have an answer for that. Who knows. Only one way to find out... ask me. 

Comment below with your question as yourself or anonymously. Or you can email me at I'll share my answers here on the blog in the near future.
Ps. Don't hold back. 

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6 comments on "You Have Questions. I Have Answers."
  1. My question is...when are we going to meet! :)

  2. You and your husbands love story. And what Pamela said!

  3. Just came across your blog and think it's so precious! I am fairly new to the blogging world as well and LOVE IT! I can't wait to start following your blog! xoxo!


  4. what is one thing you would do if there was absolutely no "ifs"....if my family, if money, if i was younger!!!

  5. Love this idea...and love Living in Yellow.

    Question: if you had to choose your last meal, what would it be? Oh and it can of course include cocktails. Every last meal should include cocktails. :)

  6. What product do you use on your hair??


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