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Could Someone Please Remind Me Why I Own Dogs?

We call this "bat dog".
Roxi screwed up yesterday. I feel like I could fill up pages of a book quickly with the stories I have of my dogs, but it would be the same crap over and over again. You'd be bored by page 10 when you realize the story ends the same way pretty much every time. 

Around 10am yesterday I let Roxi out for a quick bathroom break in our side yard. The same place the dogs go "potty" every day. Seconds later one of our neighbor dogs (whom roams freely. Apparently her owners don't know what a leash, fence, or even a collar look like) decided to saunter on up in our yard and disturb Roxi's bathroom break and ruin my whole day. Roxi doesn't have self control when it comes to other dogs besides her brother. Jon blames it on the time she was attacked in doggie school. Ever since when she sees another dog her hair stands straight up on her back and she growls and barks until she can get to said dog and tower over them while she growls and then sniff the crap out of them. Once that's over, they are usually friends.
Well "neighbor dog" just got Roxi riled up enough to chase after her down the street to her house. Roxi is huge y'all, but home girl can run when she wants to. It's like watching a black horse run the Kentucky derby. When I realized what was happening I grabbed my boots and went running down the street after her. I was wearing my leopard print pajama pants, t-shirt with no bra, and my gorgeous hideous glasses and no make-up. Maybe this is why Jon and I don't have many neighbor friends. Like I said, this isn't the first time I've chased my dogs half dressed down the street.
Finally she stopped running when "neighbor dog" quickly escaped to the safe house of her garage. At this point I was only seeing red y'all. I grabbed her collar, stormed her home and threw her into her kennel. I went hunting for a magazine to beat her with, thinking about how I'd just like to take her out back like my daddy would have and.... sorry. I was really seeing red. When I came back in the room it looked like something from a horror movie. I had never seen so much blood. She had broken two of her toenails off in her running spree and I hadn't even noticed I had been so angry.
In actuality this only made me change from angry to furious. Blood everywhere. Somehow I managed to get my 125lb dog up four sets of stairs to the bathtub where I could clean her up. Then I made make shift bandages with grocery bags, a sock and electrical tape. The last time we took the dogs to the vet for something like this it cost us $500.
So someone please remind me why I have dogs? Because days like yesterday only make me think, "I'm never having children".
10 comments on "Could Someone Please Remind Me Why I Own Dogs?"
  1. ohhhh nooo. when hugo gets out he does sprints around the block and it scares me to death. i can't even imagine the rage i would feel if he got blood everywhere. someone once told me that dogs are harder than children, i don't know if that's true but they are a heck of a lot of work.

  2. I know how you feel. My dogs aren't quite as big luckily, but some days I get so mad at them. The worst is when their cute little faces make me cave and become obsessed and in love with them again. It's a vicious cycle.

  3. OMG ! I ask myself this question too. Especially the time our dog ripped up our kitchen and laundry room flooring.

  4. I had a dog do the same thing with the toenails, Bentley eventually "chewed" them off.

  5. But that face! THAT is why you have dogs. ;)

  6. OH my poor Roxie.... and of course my poor little baby girl - and yes dogs are harder than children
    ... Maeg remember Dakota ...

  7. Way to step up and fix her paws! Hilarious.. and I completely agree with this blog title. But most days, we love them!

  8. Hi, just found your blog from your guest post on Katie's blog. I have two dogs too- a german shorthair pointer and an english pointer mix. I understand your frustrations! Sometimes I think I am crazy having two dogs! My gsp Bianca will not listen either!

    1. But, I love them dearly!!! Can't imagine life without them.

  9. Aww haha what sweet looking dogs! My fiancĂ©'s family has 5 dogs- 2 saint bernards, 2 english bulldogs, and a rotweiler …. phew! It's a house full. Your pup drew me right in, so I most definitely followed you :)


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