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Dear Santa, All I Want For Christmas Is My Dream Closet.

We spent Saturday at Dollywood with my in-laws riding roller coasters, watching Christmas shows and eating more greasy food than any human should consume. And on top of it all, it was an absolutely gorgeous day.
Sunday after church I headed back to NC for a baby shower where I played silly games, OOO'd and AHHH'd over tiny clothing and cuddled a baby pig. I've decided no baby shower is complete without a baby pig. You'd understand if you experienced a pig at a shower.
Other than that things were pretty quiet around the Mill's household. I fought myself all week and weekend long to put up Christmas decor. I'm just SO ready to do it. I'm ready for the scent of pine cones, for dreamy lights and glitter everywhere. I'm going to attempt to wait until the week of Thanksgiving, but I'm starting to feel weaker and weaker.

To keep myself from blasting Christmas music and showering my house in glitter I decided to clean out my closet. Which was a much more daunting task than decorating for Christmas. It took me a couple of hours to even get everything out of my closet. It's not even big and I think that's the problem. It's too small and everything feels crammed. It's like there is no good way to organize.

Life would be much simpler if this was my closet.
Can I get an amen?

Since I don't live in dream world, I have to make the best of what I have. So here is the before.
It's extremely unfortunate sharing a closet with a man. What I could do with the other half of the space not pictured. I don't do the whole "winterize" my closet thing and pack my spring/summer clothes up. I just find it too time consuming and I could never decide what to pack up that I might not use. I don't ever move anything out of my closet unless it's making it's way to the donation pile. Clothing is one thing I have a really hard time letting go of. For some reason I always think, "I can't get rid of this because I may wear it....never." Back in a drawer it goes.. I'm a clothing hoarder. It's also something I can't seem to stop buying. I really hope my husband isn't ready this because my words are going to bite me in the rear end.

So here was the finished product of cleaning out my closet. I didn't get rid of a single thing, but I organized according to color and I found and spot for everything. That is until I get more... And I hope you weren't expecting anything glorious because my closet is about -5,000 points on the glorious side. That is until I convince Jon to blow out a wall and extend our closet another 50... 1,000 feet. #bigdreams
Jewelry stand | Ross
15 comments on "Dear Santa, All I Want For Christmas Is My Dream Closet. "
  1. Want to come clean out my closet? haha. Everytime I hear about Dollywood I think of The Bachelorette. Where Emily went to Dollywood!

  2. The closet the mister and I share is not that big either. Since we live in military housing, we are not allowed to bust down any walls to make it bigger (stupid rules) . However, when we are done with the military and move into our forever home, a big (maybe even a his/her) closet is high priority on my list. I think that you did a wonderful job organizing yours. I dig it!

    The baby pig is seriously so cute! I would totally snuggle it too!

  3. I wanted sooo bad to decorate for Christmas but my husband was just not having it. He said "Can we just get through Thanksgiving first?" Wahhhh no.

    Also, your closet looks similar to mine. I have to do damage control weekly because it gets SCARY. I lived in our house before we got married, and when Ronnie moved in, I told him there wasn't room in our closet so he uses one of the guest room closets. HA!!

  4. Hehe! I love your closet photos! You are adorable and I love that you had a great weekend :) And that little piggy! Oh my word! So cute! <3

  5. Ahh you were in NC this weekend?? I would love to have that closet. My closet is so crammed packed with stuff and I need to get rid of some of it but never can haha! I drug my Christmas boxes out and plan on decorating this week!

  6. I just cleaned out my closet a couple of weeks, too and it feels SO much better! I actually wear some of my clothes now because I can finally find them haha. Our closets are really small as well so I use the closet in our bedroom and my husband uses the closet in the guest room. Works perfectly!

  7. You have a sweet shoe collection there! My clothes take over most of the closets in our house...which is actually only 2.5 so it's not so bad, but yes, an actual, large walk-in closet would be a dream!

  8. i'm with you on that dream closet. but that pig is soooo cute!

  9. Uhm you still have a pretty damn awesome closet. Mine is the size of a thimble here in NYC. Next time you walk into there can you please mail me all of your shoes? I'd greatly appreciate it.

  10. i'd LOVE to have a huge closet!!! i am slowly taking over chris' side! you did a great job orgainzing yours! and i love that jewlery stand!

  11. That pigggggg. I want to hold it!! They're so stinkin cute when they're babies!! Ummm. So yes, we are having that sleep over so I can play dress up with all your pretty clothes & accessories!!

  12. Oh my gosh! Such a cute little pig! Adorable!

  13. Goodness, if I could have a "real" closet besides the one I have, I would be in heaven too! hehe

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