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Little Grey Dress

Dress | Target
Cardigan | Old Navy
Booties | JustFab
Spiked Bracelet | ShopMissChic
Tory Burch Knock Off Bracelet | Thrift
Clutch | Old

The colder weather is here. No doubt. So rather than fighting it, I've chosen to embrace it and bring out the tights, booties, and thick material dresses. This dress from Target is so stinking comfortable and I love the shape the way it fits snug up top and then creates a baby doll shape towards the bottom. Pairing it with gold accents and a maroon cardigan (looks pink in the pictures) gave it a "Christmasy" feel. Yep, I said it. Christmas is closer than you think, but I won't start counting down just yet. Oh and if you follow me on Instagram you would know I did that nail art all by myself. And I'm pretty dang proud.
16 comments on "Little Grey Dress"
  1. LOOOOOVE! Oh my gosh I am so obsessed with your outfit.
    And your jewelry. Swoooon.

    › xo fal •

  2. yes girl! totally knew that dress was from target because i was eyeing it there too! tried it on in black!!! :)
    and your nails are aaaaamazing! love!!

  3. You are too pretty! That dress is awesome!

  4. I am very impressed with your nail skills!

  5. I have that dress in black, and I absolutely love it. Your nails are awesome too!

  6. Beautiful!! I'm a grey and black kinda girl!!

  7. Your nails look great; impressive that you did them yourself! Love the booties as well.

  8. Super cute outfit! I cannot believe you did those nails yourself. I can't even manage to put a coat of paint on mine right.

  9. This dress really looks amazing on you! I love the whole outfit!

  10. i have this dress too! are those maroon tights? if so, i am totally copying you. if not, i’m still going to pair mine with maroon tights. thanks for the inspo!

  11. Your nails look amazing! The color combination is great! Your ring is also stunning! Love it!


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