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Let's Play A Game. I'll Ask. You Answer.

Please do me a favor and solve all the mysteries circulating in my brain. I constantly have questions and thoughts rolling around in mi cabeza and it's tiring. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping because I don't know how to turn my brain off. But a few extra glasses of wine can fix that problem. But I'm still stuck waking up to the same questions. It's chaos up there people, pure chaos. I'm actually afraid to have children because of all the thousands of questions they can come up with. Here's my first question - How will I come up with witty answers for all their questions?

How do I keep my hair from being full of static during the winter? I constantly look like I've been raped by a swarm of balloons.

Why are there "no-reply" bloggers? I want sooooo bad to respond to your sweet comments and emails, but then there's that problem that I can't get back to you. I guess I could go searching, but please just take yourself over here, thank you Sarah, and fix this problem so we can chat!

What is the correct amount to tip your hair dresser?

What is wrong with having Mexican for dinner every night? I see nothing wrong or weird about this.

Why is it that I can have all these amazing blog ideas when I'm running around frantically with no pen in sight, yet when I sit down in front of my computer screen my fingers freeze and my mind goes blank? Can you say annoying? You don't have to answer the second part of that question.

Do you think it's inappropriate when you find out other men, some of which whom are married, read your blog? #ido!

Why when I play hide-and-seek (Jon and I are mature adults) do I have to pee as soon as I find a good hiding spot? Happens every time.

When will I meet Ellen Degeneres? I'm waiting patiently. If you have connections, I want in.

Why are Sophia Grace and Rosie considered cute? I find myself cringing, not laughing, when I watch them.

Why does my to-do list never end, but continues to grow?

Why is cooking a challenge for me lately? I've hit a major slump so if you have a yummy recipe on your blog, share the link in the comments below and help a sista out.

Why does Christmas shopping for others stress me out? It's the thought that counts right? Thank goodness I share that task with my amazing husband who somehow remembers everything everyone mentioned they wanted months ago and shocks me and the gift receiver every time. #yourockhubs

I want to have a blogger meet up. Okay so that's not a question. Let me rephrase. When and with whom am I going to have a blogger meet up. I have met some amazzzzing ladies in the past few months and I want to make it official. Not like Facebook official, but like, "lets have dinner and drinks and share all things life and blogworld and become BFF's" official.

Answer any or all of my ramblings. My mind thanks you.
27 comments on "Let's Play A Game. I'll Ask. You Answer."
  1. The great thing about kids is that they have no idea when you're being witty!

  2. NO REPLY BLOGGERS... I just can't. </3

  3. I love this!! Use a dryer sheet on your hair for static ;)

  4. oh and if you ever come even near Maine, I'll have a bloggy date with you!

  5. Whenever you meet Ellen please hit a sister up! I lovvvvvve me some ED!

    › xo fal •

  6. ugh no reply bloggers, come on!
    i don't think it's weird that married men read my blog... should i?!
    i will meet up with you ;)

  7. I feel the same way when it comes to blog ideas! I'm in a constant state of writers block. Now I've resorted to having a notebook and pen with me all the time. Ridiculous! Oh! And if you're ever near Orlando, FL I'd love to meet you!!!

  8. So I can answer a ton of your questions. But not on you blog. Love #1 mom

  9. I wish we were all closer or I was richer so we could do meet ups all the time!! AND iI have no answers to your questions.... sorry!

  10. Girl I feel your pain! When I'm tossing and turning at night trying to sleep I think of a million things I could write about, but when it is time to write nothing. lol Mexican and Italian food are acceptable meals 7 days a week.

    If you see Ellen, hit me up! I love her and one day I want to watch her show live. I think Sophia Grace and Rosie were adorable when they were first discovered and came on the show with their cover of Nicki Minaji's Superbass. I think Sophia Grace is very talented, but I think their a bit overexposed. Just my 2 cents.

    If you're ever in NC, we will Blate!!

  11. I was going to say use a dryer sheet on your hair, but it looks like someone beat me to it. Too bad none of the bloggers seem to live in Southern California, because I'd love a meet up.

  12. I totally want to meet Ellen too and I'm not huge fan of Sophia Grace and Rosie anymore. They were cute but it's overdone now. As far as static in the hair goes, I always carry around hand lotion for it, rub the lotion into your hands a bit (so it's not goopy) and then run your hands through your hair. My hair gets crazy static-y up here in Canada. Mexican is always acceptable. Or at least it is in our house.

  13. It kind of creeps me out when I bump into someone I know and they are like, "Oh I read that on your blog." But then I remind myself that I do put my life out on the world wide web and anyone can read it.

    It is perfectly fine to have Mexican every night. Or every meal.

    I hate Christmas shopping. I like to give gifts people really want, but I'm bad at that so I usually just give a gift just to give it. Annoying.

    And I would love to have a blogger meet up. Want to fly to Japan?

  14. excellent questions. I find myself asking the one about Ellen Degeneres all the time.

  15. I always got confused with the No reply thingy.
    But I changed from the normal Blogger comments to Disqus, which is great, because it means when you reply to the comment, your response still appears on your blog, but it also will send an email to the person, with your response. If that makes sense. So they see what you've said. It's really great, and super easy to install.
    And one day, when I'm in the USA again, we can totally have a blogger meet up. Or, you know, when you come and visit me in New Zealand. :P

  16. You make me laugh my friend! I agree with all the questions you have and want to have a blogger meet up with YOU one day! And heck yeah, no-reply bloggers please go fix yourself so we can communicate with your sweet self :)

  17. Static needs to go along with dry skin -- I hate winter. And no-reply commenters just shouldn't be allowed. Oh and Mexican every night is totally acceptable.

  18. I am one big ball of static today, too! And I always wonder about tipping your hair dresser... I always do between $3-$5 for a $20 cut. Are we supposed to use a percentage like you're in a restaurant?

    PS - The sweet Pamela sent me over, I'm a WNC girl, too and was asking her to share some other local blogs with me.

  19. My hair is full of static and frizz non stop, it is a daily battle! As for the tip amount my mother in law cuts mine so I would say $5. Am I cheap??

    Mexican is totally acceptable every night! Jordan and I had it last night haha!

    I haven't blogged in like a month. My problem is time and actually taking time to write a post.

    Other married men reading your blog is a little odd. If they are family maybe but other than that you start to wonder what their deal is.

    Hide and seek lol! It sounds like the same thing with me getting settled in the tree stand or blind and thinking I have to go to the bathroom...I think it is all in my head!

    I cringe when Sophia Grace and Rosie are on too, maybe its the outfits they wear and they are way too old to be wearing lace socks and princess outfits.

    My to-do list is the same girl. I start projects when others are not even finished!

    I find pretty much all my recipes on Pinterest and save them on my board. Do you feel like you make the same things over and over? That is my problem.

    My husband puts me in charge of all the Christmas shopping so I am usually scrambling around at the last minute trying to think of things!

    We NEED to make the meet-up happen! I think Boone would be a awesome place to meet. Lets make this happen ASAP!

    I think I answered almost all of them!!

  20. I totally agree with you about Sophia & Rosie, and I would LOVE to meet Ellen too ;) I posted my fave corckpot recipes today on my blog, you should check them out!

  21. I feel for No-Reply bloggers because the first time someone told me I was one, I had no idea what it even was. Like, I didn't even know such a thing existed; I thought the way people replied to your comments was to reply on your blog, haha! So I always give them the benefit of the doubt =) I don't think it's weird that men/married men read my blog...should I be concerned about this? Hmmm...

  22. Your blog posts never fail to make me laugh at least once! And even though I don't have the answer to all your questions I will say that there is NOTHING wrong with having Mexican everynight of the week if my boyfriend could stand eating it that much I would definitely opt for that! On the no-reply bloggers I recently typed up a post all about it; I've just yet to post it yet. *Face Palm* But most people don't know they are no-reply bloggers until they're told. I definitely had no clue. If you find a cure to static hair; let me know!!

  23. Yes to the no-reply bloggers! In all fairness, I used to be the same way when I started blogging and thankfully someone pointed this out to me. The other blogging thing that drives me crazy is when people have the word identification before you can publish a comment! I suck at those and it takes me like 3 tries to get it right. I post recipes every Monday and I'm a pretty lazy cook so they are really easy! Check them out!

  24. i want to do a blogger meet up too! but i don't know any bloggers really in my area. maybe when i move to a bigger city in a few months i will have more luck. or maybe i should just come to you because i love the south.....

  25. This static is getting on my nerves!! Although I think I would take that over frizziness any day! Mexican everyday? Absolutely nothing wrong with that. We ate it last night & I am eating chips & cheese dip at work as we speak! ha Blogger meet up? HAS TO HAPPEN SOON! :) Tamara (commented above!) is my IRL friend & lives about 15-20 minutes from me!

  26. Now you have MY mind racing! Thanks for that!!!!

  27. This made me laugh.. like a lot! In the nicest way possible, I can't stand no-reply bloggers! I get sad! I want to comment, sometimes I even write a really great email only to realize, nope they aren't getting it! Don't care what people say I don't understand it! There is absolutely nothing wrong with Mexican every night. Had it last night and would love it again tonight; if only the husband shared in my Mexican food love. Cheese drip and margaritas just can't get enough!!


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