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My Weekend Ain't Over

Normally I would be sad over the fact that those glorious days known as Saturday and Sunday are over and Monday is before me. Not today. Thank you national holiday. Three day weekends rank up there along with Mexican food and Ellen DeGeneres. But more seriously thank you to those who make this day a holiday.

Thank you to all the Veterans who have served and are currently serving our country. Including my grandparents, dads and mother. Your commitment and sacrifice for our country does not go unappreciated. Thank you for putting yourself in harms way to fight for our freedom and safety. And if you are a wife, fiance, girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter to someone who serves this country, thank YOU for staying strong and supporting your loved one as they do one of the most difficult jobs out there. Recently Erin posted about her brother joining the Army and her post hit me smack dab in the heart. My family served before I was born and into my toddler years. So the impact was never "real" to me as an adult. But reading about her roller coaster of emotions watching her younger brother make such a sacrifice to willingly choose to fight for our country. Well it was humbling to say the least.

I guess since it is Monday and all I should recap the weekend. Since some of you may not have today off I should make it feel as normal as possible so you aren't completely jealous that I'm at home chillaxing or gallivanting around town while you sit at your desk working on files or something boring like that.

The concert Friday night was fabulous to say the least! Front row seats are the way to roll y'all. It's worth the extra cash and early morning wake-up to buy the tickets. And the good news is occasionally someone famous walks out and you have the opportunity to take a picture with them. (So I realize you may not know who this guy is. Don't feel bad, I didn't either until he walked away and I googled him).
Hello Tim Rosenau - Singer/Guitar player for Toby Mac
Jamie Grace | Chris August | Capital Kings
Mandisa | Brandon Heath | Colton Dixon & Tim Rosenau
Colton Dixon | Toby Mac & Mandisa | Toby
Not only do I love Christian concerts because they are full of the Holy Spirit being lifted up by all those people coming together to praise and worship the same God. But I love that it sheds light on a different type of music than most people think when they think "Christian" music. You can rock out and dance while worshiping all in one. That's one of the reasons I love Colton Dixon. He kills it when he comes out on stage. He rocks out and looses himself in his music.

Saturday was filled with nothing out of the ordinary. Running around town, checking out some new buildings for our business and dinner with Jon's parents. Speaking of looking at new buildings - making grown up decisions suck. The whole financial, think about the future, what's the smart thing to do really makes me want to curl up in my bed, read a Dr. Suess book and dream all things rainbows and butterflies. Ahh to be a child again.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing. Which is what I'm still currently doing. Sorry that I'm not sorry.
8 comments on "My Weekend Ain't Over"
  1. Look like a super fun weekend :)

  2. Oh wow looks like you had a GREAT weekend.

    Allie of Dressing Ken

  3. "The whole financial, think about the future, what's the smart thing to do really makes me want to curl up in my bed, read a Dr. Suess book and dream all things rainbows and butterflies. Ahh to be a child again."


    I also LOVE worship concerts, they are SO GREAT!!! And, I also am laying in my bed blogging with Starbucks in hand while everyone else works at 11:00 AM. Thank the Good Lord (And Vets) for Mondays off from work.

  4. What a fun concert!! Chris August and Brandon Heath are two of my favorites! And yes-- sometimes being a grown up majorly sucks...

  5. Thanks for the Veteran's Day love! My husband is a Vet, and normally his company doesn't honor that holiday, but he took it off this year (rightfully so), so we've been able to enjoy the day together. Our troops are the =)

  6. Ah. Glad you had fun!! I have been so lazy this afternoon, & I'm not hating it!!

  7. I'm not only jealous that you had today off, but I'm more jealous because I'm normally off Sunday and Monday but had to work today! Now that sucks! Looks like you had a great weekend - TobyMac is coming to Omaha soon so I will have to check him out!

  8. I say "sorry I'm not sorry" too!!! ;) Great, great minds! ;)
    Girl I KNOW this was amazing and that the Holy Spirit was ALL UP IN that room! AAAAA!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE


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