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A Glimpse Into The Days Ahead

I'm impressed I even showed up for class today. Sure I was only...err...5 hours late if I go by my own time schedule. Better late than never I always say! I'm usually always late in real life. It never used to be that way before I got married. I was overly organized, ahead of schedule and I had the memory of an elephant. Now? Well now I have sticky notes everywhere with to-do lists, reminders, and unfinished sentences telling me where to be at what time. As for being ahead of schedule. HA! We're always at least 10 minutes late to everything. Church, small group, dinner, you name it. And my memory? Gone. And I haven't found it yet.

But I digress... 

The point of this post was to show you what's going on over in the Mill's neck of the woods. To recap, we closed on our new property for our business. So we have begun demolition to accommodate the space to our liking. We are trying to get this done and be moved in by the end of January because we are still paying rent in our old location. We'd prefer not to pay rent and a payment on our new building simultaneously for obvious reasons. We are working our booties off with a vacation, Christmas and New Years all packed in between. So here's a glimpse into the chaos we call life currently. There is no glitz or glam around here right now.
My daddy.
We even got the niece and nephew in on the fun.
Who says you can't look cute while you work?
Happiest, hardest worker in all of Whoville.
 Glorious isn't it?

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  1. YAYY! If only I were closer, my butt would be right there helping ya!


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