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Am I Dying?

So as of lately I have been dealing with headaches that visit periodically throughout my day. I'm not talking your simple headache caused from reading too much, driving in the rain or staring at a computer screen. I'm talking about a headache that comes from out of nowhere and radiates the entire frontal lobe of my head. And as if that wasn't enough excruciating pain, my body has now decided to randomly feel like it's ridden one too many roller coasters for the day after gulping down eight 32 ounce slur-pees. Poor Jon had to stop the car twice driving home so I could pull myself together and not heave all over our dashboard.

Sounds fabulous, huh?

What the heck is going on? Did I enhale too much dust remodeling? Did I have one too many Christmas treats? Am I getting the flu? Am I dying? Am I prego? None of which do I know the answer to. All I do know is that I'm miserable.

Let's pray today will be a better day and I'll start feeling like I have my body back. I've got NYE to be preparing for! As for now I'll truck through the rest of my day awaiting the moment I can put on my jammies, kick my feet up, put a cool washcloth on my head, sip some hot tea and enjoy the comfort of two warm puppies. Forget about my house that is a disaster, the Christmas presents piled on my dining room table and the overflowing laundry. There is some serious resting that needs to be done. And I'm gonna git-er-done by golly.
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9 comments on "Am I Dying?"
  1. Girl I have the same mug sweater! Isn't it adorable? I won it in a giveaway.
    Maybe you're pregnant (I know you want to be, and I've been praying!) No matter the case, I hope you feel better friend! xo

  2. I hope you feel better!! That mug sweater is so cute!

  3. Oh no!! Hope you get to feeling better very quickly!!

  4. Oh, Maeg! I hope you figure it out and get better!

  5. I'm hoping for prego...but regardless I hope you feel better.

  6. Oh no!! :( Hope you feel better, girl!! Yes, got to get ready for NYE! Our house is a disaster too right now! I don't even want to clean it up, ha! Stuff everywhereeee ugh!

  7. Whoa--I was typing Friday's post today (shh) and was talking about having headaches too. & not just occasionally everyday, more than once. Hears to hoping that both of our headaches go away--this ish is for the birds.


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