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Aztec Love

The most comfortable item I've ever owned hands down. I fell in love with this Aztec sweater from Francesca's immediately. The warmth, the comfort and the b-e-a-utiful print. It's just down right perfect. The best part is it could be dressed up with a wrap around belt and some boots or just keep it low key and comfy with jeans and a cotton top.
Just makes me want to "whip my hair back and forth"
 Sweater found here
Jon and I are preparing to close on our first piece of commercial property today. I can't believe it! I want to keep saying, "I'm a big kid now" over and over. It just doesn't seem real. We are moving one step closer to financial freedom and owning our property to pay it off. It's an exciting step! After we close today we will start the demolition process on some walls and rebuild them how we'd like them. And then after that we will start moving our business to it's new location! Looking forward to what 2014 brings for us! It's going to be a hectic couple of months, but I want to make sure to enjoy the process and document all of it.

*this post was not sponsored by Francesca's. I just wanted to share something I love!
9 comments on "Aztec Love"
  1. YES! Cheers to savoring each moment and documenting it all! Love you girl. And I'm aztec sweater obsessed this season too :)


  2. congrats!!! that is exciting! and i do love me some aztec

  3. Love the sweater, I have been wanting an Aztec print sweater :) And congrats on a new adventure!

  4. Can we please hang out like ASAP!? I just adore you and this post and your pictures :) Such a doll!!! Looks like you had so much fun by the ocean sweet girl!

  5. Congrats on the property pretty lady, that's exciting! And I need that sweater immediately! It's adorable and looks sooo comfy, no surprise it's Francesca's. Love that store.

  6. LOVE that sweater!! eeeeekk! Sounds so exciting!!!!!!

  7. Love the sweater! You totally rocked the hair whipping pictures!! That is very exciting news for y'all...congrats!

    Oh and I showed Jordan the monster mower...he loved it!

  8. LOVE the sweater!! I actually found a pink/brown one at a local store that is on my wishlist for Christmas. :) Congratulations on your closing!!


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