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Cleansing Tips {Another Holiday Just Around The Corner}

With another holiday around the corner {I'm still recovering from Thanksgiving} I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some cleansing and detoxifying tips I use to keep my body in check when the food gets overwhelming. With Christmas only 6 days away - EEeeek! - it is the perfect time to reign your body in just before all those Christmas goodies and your holiday feasts present themselves. I certainly do not want to refrain from enjoying loads of ham, mashed potatoes, corn casserole, apple pie, hot cider, homemade ice-cream and baked goods. Do you? So in order to keep my body in control I will be participating in this cleanse from now until Christmas and the day after Christmas. Five to seven days is the perfect amount of time for a detox/cleanse. 

When people hear the word cleanse they often think starving themselves and simply drinking juices. That's not how I role. This is honestly a lifestyle and could be worked into your everyday routine. You will be filling your body with fuel and important nutrients so you don't get low on energy.

Here are the most important factors for your Holiday cleanse.
And with those tips you are well on your way to a happy and healthy body. Make sure to notice the changes in your skin, waistline and energy levels. You might be surprised. Feel free to contact me via email at or any social media platform if you have any questions. I am not certified in any area of nutrition, but I will help you with the best knowledge I have! 
6 comments on "Cleansing Tips {Another Holiday Just Around The Corner}"
  1. But I just don't wanna. I want all the alcohol and holiday food possible. I did a pretty excellent job of this yesterday though. Three weeks until my ass is on a cruise boat so it's necessary.

  2. I will definitely be doing this, right after Christmas ;)

  3. "and sadly alcohol" haha I love you!

  4. Great tips that I plan to employ after Christmas. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. these all sound so amazing. if only i had the self discipline.... lol


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