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Friday Favs & Discounted Ad Spaces

I'm super thrilled that it's Friday (duh), but I'm not super thrilled that it's raining. Jon and I have to be in a parade tonight and obviously it's preferable that the sun would be shining down on our faces. We have two more parades on Saturday and hopefully the weather will take pity on us then. But we will make the best of it and have a blast regardless. We are just super thrilled to be marketing for our business!

On to my Five on Friday...

1 | Our Christmas card this year. It's not a great picture, but it's gives you an idea. I love our little family :)

2 | Christmas lights are popping up all around our neighborhood and throughout town. I've said it once and I'll say it again, magical.

3 | Target planner for 2014. It's no Erin Condren, but it'll do the job. My geeky self really enjoys sitting down with my cup of coffee in the morning and organizing my thoughts for the day.

4 | Apothic wine. It's on top of my favorites list. The white is just as good, if not better. Only $9.99 a bottle too. Perfect gift idea in a cute holiday sleeve!
5. The next time you hear from me I'll have the sun in my face, toes in the sand and some sort of delicious beverage in my hand. I'm leaving for Charleston on Sunday. Booya! All of you Charleston blogger friends better email me!

Now onto two matters of business I need to discuss with you. Well the first one is a matter of business, the second is just a much needed recommendation!
+ All of my ad spaces are 40% off right now. If you hate seeing percentages and doing the math like I do then let me help you. That brings my featured ad space, "Tulip" down to $6. Head on over and take a look at your options.

+ I need a good book to read while I'm at the beach. It's the only time I can ever get through a book. Suggestions GO!
12 comments on "Friday Favs & Discounted Ad Spaces"
  1. i def need to try that wine! And I like how your Christmas card turned out- your hair looks great girl!!

  2. Have a great time on vaca!! PS- Your Christmas card is adorable :)

  3. Cute Christmas card!! What's your address! I want to send you a card! :) oooh pretty wine bottle!! Going to have to check it :) Have fun this weekend & be careful traveling!!! Have fun in the sun :)

  4. Love your Christmas card! And have fun on your trip, Charleston is the best :)

  5. Have so much fun in Charleston! Greatest place ever!! You're Christmas card is adorable! Such a sweet little family! I've been mourning not having an Erin Condran planner this year {stupid stupid budgeting}. That Target one looks good! though. As soon as I'm ready to stop being a baby I suppose I'll go pick one up :) Have a great weekend!!!

  6. << Completely jealous of your beach trip. Have fun in Charleston!

  7. I love any book by Karen Kingsbury. If you haven't read any by her I recommend starting with the redemption series but she also has several stand alone books that are just as capturing!!

  8. love your planner and mug. I'm the same way, love sitting down and getting my thoughts down!

  9. So jealous you are going to Charleston- love it there! Check out Fulton Five if you have a free night for dinner- best mussels ever. And I'm going to need to try Apothic.

  10. Your Christmas card is so cute! And I got my planner for next year from the dollar store: it isn't very cute, but it gets the job done and satisfies my love of list-making!

  11. Aw, I love your Christmas card!! We have a Great Dane, too! Maximus...but I like to call him Maxi boy. Manly, I know. :) I'm geeky right there with you on the planner. :)


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