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I Can't Believe It's Over

It's amazing how one normal week at home can drag on like a turtle stuck in molasses, but the moment we are on vacation, I blink and it's over. Just like that. *Insert tears and sniffles here* Although in all honesty I am a girl of schedule and routine and I am starting to miss mine. I'm ready to love on my pups too! Eight days of vacation is plenty if you ask me. It's just always bittersweet when it comes to an end. Especially since this trip was our first trip alone as a couple besides our honeymoon. It was nice to know we can take a week long vacation together and not get bored or kill each other. Looks like we have a long future ahead of us!

Today Jon and I are making our way back home slowly. We are making a pit stop in Asheville to tour the Biltmore and all of it's magical Christmas joy. And of course we are going to take advantage of the winery because it would be wrong not to. Have you ever been to the Biltmore? I'll be "oohing and aahing" like a small child all day.

You can expect more pictures from our vacation this week. I'll try not to overload you, but I make no promises. It's been hard being away from the blog for a week, but it has made me eager to come back! I've missed reading my favorite blogs and my fingers are desperate to type! I need to organize my mind with all the ideas rolling around up there!

PS. I've also got some exciting news coming in the near future! I'm so excited to share it with you all! But I just can't leak it yet, so I'll leave you to make your assumptions. But you know what assuming does... makes an a** out of you and you (in case you forgot).

The bird did not want his picture with Jon. Can't say that I blame him. J/k hubs! J/k.
I've missed you rascals. Glad to be back!
9 comments on "I Can't Believe It's Over"
  1. Vacations always speed by way too fast!! Glad it was a fun one!

  2. That first picture is beautiful! Have so much fun at Biltmore. I have been three times and I love it more and more each time we go!!

  3. Yay! SO happy you had such a great time together! ALWAYS sad news when it comes to an end...BUT enjoy the biltmore today!! Can't wait to hear your news!

  4. Gorgeous pictures of you! Glad you had a fun trip :)

  5. Can't wait for your news! EEEEE!
    MIssed you much!!!!! Love YOU, girlie! xx

  6. So glad you had such a fun vacation! I loved following along on instagram!

  7. "Turtle stuck in molasses" made me laugh! It's been a long time since I've been to the East Coast...seeing your pics really makes me what to go back. I'm so happy to be following your blog. :)

  8. love your aztec print sweater! I've been looking for one, where is it from?

  9. Ahh, love that bridge. There's a big race there every year, & I would love to (ATTEMPT!) do it! I just love Charleston!!! Love red on you! ooohh, Biltmore! So close to us! :) Well, 40 minutes! We were going to go this year but didn't!


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