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A *Snow* Day In The Life.

What do I do on a snow day when the temps are below 20 degrees and I refuse to go outside? You'd better hold on to your britches, this is going to get exciting. 

I started out getting a little sweat on. In the last few days I have somehow managed to get my butt downstairs and do some work. I'm feeling good, but I'm wondering how long this will last... I'm doing the #LoveYourBody challenge by Tone It Up, which I'll be telling you more about next week because I've had a few readers interested.
Got me some Jesus time in. I'm reading two devotions right now. One of which I've talked about before, She Reads Truth. They just started with A Fresh Start series so you can still get in on the action because you are only a day behind! The second being, The Unveiled Wife. It's a great community of wives and it's so encouraging. She is promoting a 30 day Wife After God reading. It's a great way to strive towards being a better wife in simple ways I forget so easily.
Getting organized is an essential part of my day, snow day or not. If I don't have my to-do list and my planner you might find me sitting on a curb wondering who I am and where I'm going.
My kitchen is full of windows and natural light. Nothing makes me happier than turning up the tunes and cooking and baking away while watching the snow falling outside. So yesterday I decided to make my sweet babies some more treats (not like the treat jar hasn't been empty for weeks now). You can find my recipe here for homemade dog treats to spoil your pooch without the preservatives. I got a dog bone cookie cutter for Christmas, but I couldn't snap a decent picture so I resorted to my old pics. Ohh and I made myself and the hubs an incredible pork butt, but we ate it all before I could take a picture of that either. #sorryimmnotsorry
Ah yes, glorious isn't it? I really want to know where the crap my laundry fairy is? She is supposed to be doing all the laundry and ironing so I don't have to get so far behind on it. Actually she is supposed to be doing all of it so I don't have to do it regardless, but you can see how that has worked out for me.

And to round out the night I decided to watch "Just Like Heaven", but ended up missing all of the movie because a creepy car kept coming up our road and stopping in front of my house. So instead I sat, armed, for eternity, calling Jon and begging him to come home immediately. Which he did. What a good hubster!

I bet my snow day is better than yours... said me, never.
8 comments on "A *Snow* Day In The Life."
  1. Haha, I love your snow day! And I love She Reads Truth! I've been following along with them for awhile but am loving the new series. And Wife After God is such a good devotional! Some lovely ladies and I made our way through it back in October. Certainly one to come back to over and over. I can't say that I've set aside specific time each day to exercise, BUT I have added specific exercises into my day (if that makes any sense). Hope it warms up so you can break free :)

  2. Your day sounds sort of like mine. I still had to work from home but I worked out, baked some cookies and did some laundry. I wonder what today will hold? More excitement probably!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous day to me! Minus the lurker outside!!

  4. I need to get back to working out! I haven't in months. I miss it but have just been so lazy lately!! I thought about trying to do something this evening! We'll see, ha! Our clean laundry that's in the basket looks like that because I haaaaate folding clothes!!

  5. Your snow day looked just like my snow day! #twinsforlife #iloveyou

  6. Sounds like you have a productive day :) I also spend the whole day doing laundry and cleaning AND fighting the urge to stay in bed under the warm blankets :)

  7. You had way more of a productive snow day then I did. I wish I had a flame that would have lit my lil ass into gear. Maybe next time! :)

  8. I love your computer background! It's so cute!


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