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Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

The sermon this past Sunday was focused on "Joy-killers". Those pesky little things that can creep into our lives and minds and kill our joy that we deserve to feel. It was one of those sermons when I felt like the pastor and I were alone in the room and he was speaking directly to me. I have a love/hate relationship with those types of sermons. I hate them because I have to recognize my weaknesses and failures as a human. And I love them because I walk out uplifted and feeling like a new woman.
The three "joy-killers" he mentioned were:
1. Complaining
2. Comparing 
3. Self-Centerdness

I don't know about you, but all three of these hit close to home for me! I am constantly whining about being too busy or not getting things done. When in reality it's a blessing that we have businesses to keep us busy and focused. Comparison is huge for me. I struggled (and still do occasionally) with comparing myself to other women, bloggers especially. It's so easy to do. But how can we experience our own joy if we are too busy chasing after someone else's? And being self-centered is a a no brainer. We all do it. It's just so gratifying to focus on someone else rather than yourself and see their reactions.

At the end of the message, the pastor encouraged us to write a "joy list". Taking time to note the things in life that bring you joy. From the biggest events such as marriage to the simplest of things such as a warm baked chocolate chip cookie. I actually found joy in writing this list (maybe because I find joy in writing lists...?)
I think I may just have to print this and put it on my desk so I am reminded daily. So I'm interested, what brings you joy? And I encourage you to try and focus on not letting these "joy-killers" weasel their way into your thoughts. It will be a daily struggle, but so worth it!

Be joyful!
13 comments on "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!"
  1. Love this! My joy list includes blogging, tea, pens, makeup, nail polish, glitter, Jesus and Netflix!

  2. I really needed this today! I have been doing way to much complaining lately because things have just been hard and I am waiting for things to get better, but I am being too impatient. My joy list is my kids, my mister, my besties, reading (books and blogs), nail polish, baking, and our health.
    Thank you for inspiring me to take a time out and focus on the joys in my life instead of the hardships. xxoo

  3. Comparing is definitely on my killer list too. My Joy list luckily is very very long! I tend to find little joys in everything :)

  4. I totally wanna make a joy list now!!!!! I love you and how you continue to always be transparent!!!!!!! xx

  5. You always have the best posts woman! So awesome. :) My joy list includes: (obviously) anything Disney related, hot coffee in the morning, waking up without an alarm, achieving goals, spending time with Christ, planning vacations and being tan!

  6. What an awesome list - such a simple thing to do to be reminded of how blessed we are! Doggie snuggles are the best. And helloooo, bring on the warm weather and the lake days!

  7. Love this, and love the idea of printing that off as a reminder :)

  8. Great post & list!! It's the little, simple things in life that mean the most to me :) taking pictures, blogging, laughing, sweet tea, wine, Sour Patch Kids, praying, doing anything (or nothing!) with my husband...I could go on! I know what you forgot though (and it counts for me too!)...MEXICAN! Ha :)

  9. I totally love how you said "the joy we deserve to feel" :) I would have to add running, red wine, and slippers to my list!!

  10. I completely believe that those three things add no value to our lives and yet make us unable to appreciate so much good stuff that we are blessed with! Reminding yourself of things that truly bring you joy is a good thing. We share several of the joy-bringers you listed, of course blogging is one of them. :)

  11. You are just too great...loving that you shared this! I have to say that I fall victim to "joy killers" too and need to remind myself that I've got a pretty amazing life. We all do.

    And I may just "borrow" this to make my own joy list....I have a feeling Cruz will be listed multiple times as he is the one thing that is guaranteed to make my heart happy no matter what. =) xo

  12. This is sweet! I need to stop doing all three of those things as well. I love the list. It's such a great idea!

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