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Hellllooooooo 2014!

There is something so refreshing, so exciting about bringing in the New Year! A fresh start, rejuvenation, a clean slate. Anything can happen!
Instead of giving you a compilation of all the resolutions I will never stick to nor complete, I decided to do it a little bit differently this year. Because I hate feeling like a failure. I am making a resolution to not make any resolutions. White girl say whaaaa? Each year I create a list that never gets finished or gets forgotten within the first week of the new year. So instead of an overwhelming to-do list of how to change my life I've decided that each month I will focus on something that I want to improve on. One thing! I should be able to focus on one thing for 4 weeks (cross my fingers). This will be something that will give me drive and keep me growing. I'll call this my monthly focus and at the beginning of each month I'll share it with you! This will hopefully hold me accountable and keep me going. Whether it be to drink more water, be a better wife, learn to twerk, cook more, have nightly dance parties, read 20 books, or learn how to make the best cocktail. I'll share it with you. Oh, lucky you!

No better time to start that 01-01-2014. #weird
I want my very first monthly focus to be something that has been heavy on my heart. I just don't take enough time to read my Bible or complete a daily devotion. My best friend recently told me she deleted her Facebook because she realized if she read a verse or prayed as often as she scrolled through Facebook she'd be a lot better off. Can I get an amen? I am so guilty of looking at my Instagram or Twitter feeds mindlessly just as soon as I find myself not doing anything. It's actually really sad. So this month will be tough. Read more, look less.

I absolutely LOVE She Reads Truth. I've talked about it here on the blog before. My intentions for January is to sit down every morning with my cup of coffee and follow along with She Reads Truths' daily devotions and grow in my spiritual faith. They are so easy to read and they encourage me throughout my entire day! Why haven't I kept up with it? Because it's so easy for me to sleep in those extra minutes when I should be reading or find some other excuse to push it off. I have to learn to take time to turn off my to-do list and sit in peace. It makes me a totally different person throughout my day. A much happier me! Jon will appreciate this monthly focus.

So here goes nothin'! Does this sound like something you'd enjoy doing?

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8 comments on "Hellllooooooo 2014! "
  1. You've inspired me to do the same! God has been working on and in my heart and I can't wait to see what he brings in 2014! Happy New Year, dearest!

    xo fal |

  2. Resolutions are like rules, they're meant to be broken. lol
    I don't make resolutions, but I do set goals. However, I usually set the goals on my birthday to see what I can accomplish before I turn another year older. It works for me. I have never bought into you can't make changes until the 1st of the year.
    I love your idea to have a monthly focus. I hope you are successful with it. Happy New Year!

  3. Love this!! I have deactivated my FB for a while & let me tell ya! It's been nice!! I actually get more out of my devotions & enjoy them, instead of stopping half way just to get on FB...sad but true!! I just started a new devotion this morning & I'm loving it!!

  4. I love this! I've forced myself to do weekly habit changes for the month so that I can really focus on things that will stay with me after the month of January is over :)

  5. love this! love the Biltmore house in your photo, too! That's my home town! Cheers to 2014, and finding your super cute blog!

  6. What a cute blog you have! Kuddos to you for doing a monthly goal :) I am a new follower, hopefully you can check out my blog :)

  7. The "read more, look less" is a great way to describe it. Cutting out something that doesn't benefit you in order to do something that is of a much greater benefit is a smarter idea!


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