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What I Look For In A...

Coffee mug.

Didn't think that one was coming did ya? For real though, I mine as well have a profile for coffee mugs because they must fit the criteria to make my heart flutter. Right now you are thinking, "How important is this, Maegen?" Well, so important that I can write an entire post about it. Don't think so?

Challenge accepted.
After many years of being a coffee mug hoarder, I have finally come to terms with what I look for in a coffee mug. I suppose it took those 20 some years of life to become experienced in the coffee department. Maybe that's what school is really for? I mean I had it for every day of school, every test, every late night studying who am I kidding. I drank coffee everyday and sometimes a couple times a day to get through school and work. Now I'm in adulthood (#whendidthathappen) and I drink it to keep the blood in my veins pumping. But seriously, it's safe to say I'm addicted.

Needless to say over the years I have figured out what I look for in a mug, but I always come to terms with the fact that it just depends on the mood I wake up in. And it can determine my whole day. And that's how I justify my obsession.

Okay so that was 1/2 a post, but it's only because I have something better for you than my nonstop rambling about ceramics.

You know what I look for in a blogger? Humor, motivation, sarcasm, and an overall sweetness. Let me introduce you to someone who characterizes all of these traits! Meet my gal pal, Allena!


Hello, lovelies! My name is Allena and I blog over at Allena Mistral. I'm a food loving, life living graduate student who now resides in Boston. Over the last month or so, Maeg and I have become fast friends. This make have something to do with the fact that she's so stinkin' sweet! Or, it may have to do with the fact that Maeg and I have a lot of things in common including our vintage trucks:
Okay, so hers is in much better shape than mine.... Mine's a work in progress :)
We go on blates:
If you're ever in the Boston area, let's do a blate!
We put our serious faces on:
And of course, we have really great men in our lives:
So what do I blog about? A lot of stuff! I bring you tidbits of motivation for the week, occasional blogging advice and lots of jewelry love! Even though in my real life, I'm a chemist(ry graduate student), on this here internet, I'm also a blogger and a jewelry designer who works out of her little apartment! As a blogger, I love finding new blogs and getting to know more about the pretty faces in blogland! If you're a fan of laughing at everyday situations, looking at pretty accessories and being motivated to have a great week, I think we should be friends, so come visit me!

Isn't she the cutest, y'all! I love her so you'd better go show her some love! And get this gorgeous bracelet while you are at it. Tood-a-loo!
12 comments on "What I Look For In A..."
  1. Loving all the mugs! I started collecting years ago as well and have boxes of them! :S

  2. You're so super sweet! I'm a coffee mug hoarder too! My favorite is my Tink mug from Disney :) Thanks for letting me guest post! :D

  3. I love this post! I am actually making a wonderful little post about my obsession too! :) Thanks for sharing

  4. Precious mugs! I've recently started drinking hot tea and my cute mug obsession has grown too! It's hard to resist buying them when they have such pretty ones out there! I love your little mug sweaters too! :)

    Katherine Nicole

  5. I love that "mrs" mug & of course the owl one!!

  6. I have a total mug obsession too, my hubby has told me NO MORE mugs ;) We are kind of out of mug room though... haha

  7. haha love this coffee mug post...i need to do this. i ALSO have a serious mug addiction #besties

    i'm glad i'm not alone! have a happy tuesday!!

  8. I am definitely a coffee mug addict, but no shame here!

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