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Cloud Nine & $75 To Sephora

You know what? I've been floating on cloud nine since Saturday night at 9pm! Why you ask? We finished the remodel! All the whining and complaining I have been doing for the last 31 days has come to an end, my friends! I have never been more grateful to find the light at the end of what seemed like a never ending tunnel. Freedom! 

I started by doing the adult thing and cleaning my ridiculously dirty house and making it all fresh and lovely again.
Clean, pillows, decor, house, home
And then I got on to more important things like a bubble bath at 3'o clock on a Monday. #priorities
Bubble bath, wine, candle, relax, bath, spa
But I think more than anything, I am excited to wear pretty outfits, do my hair and wear make-up again. I didn't realize how much I missed it until the option was taken away from me for the last month. Cheers to some normality in life again! Who knows what this week holds for me!

So in light of all this happiness, why not bring some cheer to one of you lucky readers? I teamed up with 4 other bloggers to bring you a chance to win $75 to blow on your favorite makeup goodies at Sephora! Just in time for Valentine's Day! So treat yo'self and enter below. :)

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The giveaway will run from 12:00 am EST on February 4th - 11:59 pm EST on February 9th. Entries will be verified, so please be honest. Good luck! :)
12 comments on "Cloud Nine & $75 To Sephora"
  1. Yay!! The remodel is done!! I bet you are so happy to have it completed!

  2. Hooray for being done with the remodel!!! Annnnd a bubble bath mid-Monday sounds like a little slice of heaven :) Xx.

  3. Whoohoo! I'm doing a happy dance for you! So glad the remodel is done, I know its been a long, hard month!

  4. Yay for being done, now enjoy some girly time!

  5. Uhhh you have a really pretty bed. Is that creepy?
    &sephora is the shizzzz

  6. YAYYY for the remodel being dunzo! Cheers to lots of girly photoshoots in the future :)

  7. You're the cutest. And I love the vino and bath combo, duh.
    Thanks for hosting another fun giveaway, dollface. Just entered! (Also duh ;))

  8. Just found you through The Life of Bon. Cute blog :)

  9. I'm in love with those pillows!! Love the colors

  10. oooh those pillows, oh the wine. perfect!

  11. you are so cute! I want to see more pictures of the remodel!

  12. Congrats on finishing your remodel! I love your pillows!!!


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