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Get Your Stunna Watches!

Ohhh hey all you beautiful people! If you are anything like me you are dancing in your skinny jeans because it's Friday. Correction. If you are anything like me you are dancing in your yoga pants because I haven't put a pair of jeans on all week. I blame it on my pity party over the tease of Spring and the cold front setting in. Again. 

What's the best remedy to fix feeling gloomy about the Winter that won't stop? Start shopping for Spring, duh! Obviously from my last outfit post you can see that I can hardly stand it anymore. I am soooo ready!!! So these babies are coming home to mamma! And they could come home to you if you want them!

Tell me you aren't swooning over these watches and I'll call you a liar! Want to know the good news? They are coming to my website ASAP! Each of them are available for pre-order right now, but there are limited quantities so you'd better act fast! You don't need an explanation of how perfect they are for the Spring and Summer days ahead! 

Find them here & here.

Oh and in other business:

› Enter here for a chance at $70 in your pocket!

› Enter over at Living In Yellow for the Live, Laugh, Love bracelet from my boutique.

› Enter over at Helene In Between for the Spring Fling dress.

› Dance to this song below because that's what I'll be doing all weekend long. Linking up with the pretty whitty for #backthatazzup Friday! (she might hate me for calling her that...)

15 comments on "Get Your Stunna Watches!"
  1. These are great! Loving the gold stripes! Thanks for sharing and have a fabulous weekend!

  2. I'm not normally a watch person, but I LOVE those bottom too! So pretty! Good choices!

  3. Super cute watches - I am loving the peach one!! :)

  4. Love these watches!! I'm GOING to win one of these giveaways. I will, I will, I will! Have a great weekend, girl.

  5. UMM Amazing! I want one! SO CUTE! Thanks for posting and HAPPY Weekend! :)

  6. MAEG! Stop doing this to me! I love those!!!! I am trying to be on a spending freeze-ish!
    Gahhhh adorable.

  7. Oh girl. I am totes dancing in my yoga pants. ;) Hooray for fun watches...spring needs to come on!

  8. Love the khaki watch! I would totally live in yoga pants is I could ;) Have a great weekend girl!

  9. Totally swooning over the navy aztec one!! You are making my husband very glad I read blogs all day and find more things I want! ;) Actually, my birthday is March 20th, so really I'm just making his shopping easier, right?
    Eva Marie Taylor

  10. Woo I love this song!!! :) Partyin it up on friday!!! :) Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Those aztec watches are perfection!! How much are they?!

  12. OOh la la!!! I am in love with those watches!! My birthday month (March) is upon us...I think this a perfect gift to self. :)

  13. These are amazing! I want one! Thanks for sharing, I will definitely check out the links :).


  14. OH!!! NEED NEED NEED!! I can't even decide on a them ALL!


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