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What A Diva!

I figured better late than never getting a blog post up today.

The wedding on Saturday was absolutely beautiful! Small, detailed and genuinely fun!

Hubs and I let our hectic schedules get the best of us and didn't even think about what we were wearing until Friday night after work. As we were sitting over our routine Mexican fiesta of margs and queso, we realized we hadn't even thought of what to wear! Obviously a shopping trip was necessary. This is where the story changes pace.

Once at the mall, wouldn't you know it that we head straight to the mens department for Jon to pick out his outfit first. Our conversation went a little like this:

Me: "Where are we going? Don't you know I'm supposed to pick out my dress first?"

Hubs: "Well you go ahead and pick out your dress, I'll be picking out my outfit."

Me: "You don't understand. I'm supposed to pick out my dress first and then we match your outfit to my dress."

Hubs: "Oh okay. Well, let's look. Do you see anything?" 
           (As he is heavy on my heels now ushering me down aisles of clothes)
What girl can shop with her husband directly behind her? Impatiently waiting as she sifts through clothes. Unfortunately, I wasn't seeing anything I liked so we headed to the mens department where Jon found a couple of new pieces and his wedding outfit.

Long story short we shopped around at some other stores for my outfit to match his now chosen outfit and I couldn't find a dang thing to match. I remembered I had this dress in my closet so I settled for wearing it.

That diva got a whole new outfit and I dressed from my closet. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?
Mint, Lavendar, Inspiration, Outfit, Flowers
This is where I drew my outfit inspiration from once purple was our decided color
purple, wedding, outfit, attire

I'm kicking myself in the you know what for not getting a full outfit picture. What kind of blogger am I? Have I learned nothing? Y'all have seen this dress before though in a previous post found here.

Fabulous Friday Five!

Hey oh! T.G.I.F my beautiful lady friends! It's been awhile since I've participated in the Friday Five with the ever so beautiful hosts Darci, April, Christina and Natasha! So here I am! 
Get your shop on! This flash sale is only lasting for a limited time and it's valid on all of my jewelry. It's time to make room for some new Spring and Summer purchases! Checkout with the piece you're buying and in the order notes write the piece you'd like for FREE! (Of equal or lesser value of course!) Happy shopping :)
I need your help! Hubs and I are narrowing down options for our vacation in late April - May'ish. I've never been on a cruise before so I have no earthly clue if I'd enjoy it? I'm apprehensive about being a boat out at sea for one. And will I enjoy being stuck on a boat for 5-7 days? The alternative is the crystal blue waters of Panama City or Destin, FL. My three musts on vacations is ice blue water, somewhere to tan and drinks. I'm pretty easy.

Have y'all signed up for the #1800MinuteChallenge? This girl can always use some more motivation when it comes to working out. And this challenge is perfectly convenient. If you do the math, which I didn't bother doing because luckily Erin broke it down for me, this adds up to 30 minutes of exercise a day starting April 1st - May 31st. It takes two weeks for something to become a habit, so join in with the goal of two weeks and see how easy two months becomes!

Are we friends yet? Because if we aren't, I sure would like to be! I'm going to do a little selfie shout-out momentarily. I've done a little updating to my sponsorship options and I'm pretty excited about it! Head over and check it out! I really hope you'll join the TMT family sometime in the near future :)

Don't forget to come link-up with us here on Tuesday, THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE, for our Monthly Focus. It's simple! Decide something you are going to focus on bettering yourself at for one month, write a post about it, link-up back here on The Modern Tulip on Tuesday morning! See ya then! Oh and don't forget to grab the button above and take it with you if you link-up :)


Bubble Bath Thoughts

Last night hubs had to work late at the office catching up on repairs so I enjoyed a relaxing tan, made a quick stop at the grocery store and headed home where I fixed an incredible packed lunch for the two of us. Seriously though, I taste as I cook, and this recipe has blog post potential. More on that later though...

After cleaning up the kitchen I sat down on the couch where my pups quickly followed suit and curled up next to me. I tried pumping out a blog post, but it didn't happen. I.couldn't.find.words. So after aimlessly zoning out and scrolling through my Instagram and Twitter feeds I decided to do what I do best. Draw a bubble bath. 

And that's where all good thoughts come. I swear. I always take my phone to the bathtub with me, on silent of course, just in case I have great thoughts that need to be jotted down into the notepad within my phone. Some days I go back and look at old notes and I think to myself, "What on earth was going through my mind at that moment?". Something great though I'm sure! And other days really great blog posts derive.

Last night I used this blog post as my notepad, jotting down all the random thoughts that scroll through my head. (I think that is what happens more often than not with this blog of mine).

I've found that sleeping in my husbands over-sized t-shirts is the best! Why did I ever pay for pj's?

Notice the tape in the picture above? Hiding my webcam. Jon has freaked me out and told me that hackers can see through that camera. After hearing that story about the little kids with the talking cat app, I officially think it's possible. Creeps!

Jon and I have begun looking into summer vacations! I can barely sit still typing this I'm so giddy with excitement especially since it snowed this week! This full-time working gal appreciates the idea of a vacation just a little bit more now. Crap I need to start running.

I have finally found all the perfect make up products (momentarily) for my drugstore "flawless face".  It has taken me fo-eva to tweak this the way I like it! Products to be shared soon :)

I'm really craving sangria.

We are heading to our friends wedding out of town this weekend and I'm so stoked! I just love weddings. Even though every one I go to I think, "Man - I wish I had thought of that!".

I've begun my days trying to set goals for myself. Do you do this? I've found that I tend to be an overachiever and when I don't achieve everything, I freak. So instead of setting myself up to fail I am attempting to make small, attainable goals throughout the day and whatever else I get done is a blessing!

Tomorrow's Friday. You know what that means #happydance. 

Camel Love On Wednesday

Jeans | Forever 21
Top | Old Navy
Scarf | Target
Jacket | Rugged Warehouse
Flats | Target
Watch & Bracelet | Gifted

This past weekend consisted of traveling back to NC for our nephews ball game, lunch with my bestie, back home again for some family time, church, lunch with friends and then back to the house for naps and doggie cuddles. It was kind of perfect after such a difficult week last week. (PS. thank you for all your uplifting support and encouragement!) So needless to say I spent the majority of the weekend playing it casual. Pink and camel - on hump day no less - is one of my favorite combos. I really couldn't tell you why. I paired the two with my favorite Forever 21 jeans for a cozy, casual look.

In more exciting news, the winner of the Lilly Pulitzer Summer bag giveaway has been announced!
Congrats to Erin G. on winning over $150 of LP goodness. I'm so stinking jealous!

Want in on the fun next month? Head over here for more information!

Catch ya on the flipside, lovies!

Be There Or Be Square.

I'm going to keep posting lake pictures until I'm actually at the lake. Strike that last sentence. Once I'm at the lake my Instagram and blog posts will be smothered with lake goodness! That's just the way the cookie crumbles. I'm not sure what it's like where you are today, but it is dumping the snow right now and has been all throughout the night. There are a few inches sitting on my porch right now. I am containing myself from writing all the words my mom used to wash my mouth out with soap for saying. $*%&.
With all anger aside, the exciting news is that it's obviously Spring, as we all whooped and cheered for last week, and I am praying that this is the last sign of white I see for a longggg time. In just a short week we will be playing foolish jokes on one another and acting ignorant and childish because society says we can. Doesn't that sound like fun? Have I lost you?

April Fools day y'all! Not only is that day glorious because it means we are just that much closer to Spring, Easter and all things sunshine and summer. But it also holds that fabulous day known as my BIRTHDAY!!! Woooohoo!! Even though there is no milestone this year to celebrate... (twenty errrr something)... I am just excited to have had another year shaking my groove thing! So much so that I'm contemplating making it a birthday month, celebrating all month long. Suggestions?

What's also exciting about April 1st, is that it's a new month. If you've been here for any length of time in 2014, you know that means a new monthly focus. And this time I want you to join me! 
It was my New Year's resolution to focus on something different each month that I wanted to get better at since my attention span is too short to narrow it down to one or two things for the entire year of 2014. 
In the previous months these have been my focuses:

›› April ›› ??? Find out in a week!

Here are the deets. 

Join me in a week on Tuesday, April 1st. 

Write a post sharing what your monthly focus is going to be for the whole month.
›› ie. Dancing daily, spending more time with your spouse, not cursing, spending time outside, running more, eating more Mexican food, memorizing verses, it can be anything! ‹‹

Grab the button below, which will also be on my sidebar, and put her in your post.

Come back here to link-up your post and mingle with others who join! Find support in other women!

Sound like fun? I hope you'll join :)

Meal Ideas: Simplified

I always found meal planning a daunting task. Too big to wrap my mind around. Turns out I was making it too difficult on myself the whole time. Trust me when I say I've learned the hard way, making it much easier for me to share with quick and easy options to prepare ahead of time.

You don't need to be extravagant. Save the gourmet meals for dinners and/or weekends. Your meals during the day just need to be filling, healthy and don't forget yummy.

Jon and I chow down on 5-6 proportioned meals a day. All of which are prepared on Sunday normally because that is what works for our schedule.

| Breakfast | In the mornings Jon and I are usually rushing out the door. So something quick and easy is right up our alley. Overnight oats are prepared the night before and ready to eat without any preparation. Try Pinterest for yummy recipes! Smoothies are also great. I chop all the fruits and veggies and put them in little baggies in the freezer so in the morning we pop it into our Nutribullet and seconds later, off we go!

›› Overnight oats
›› Protein shake
›› Green smoothie
›› Omelet
›› Protein pancakes


| Snacks | As for snacks, we eat two small snacks a day. One about 2 hours after our breakfast and another 2-3 hours after lunch.

›› Celery, carrots & hummus
›› Yogurt
›› Apple & cheese string
›› Fresh fruits
›› Handful of raw almonds & fruit

| Lunch | This is where I used to screw up and try and get too fancy. I thought we had to eat something completely different every day, but the truth is that's not easy or economical. Now when I make dinner, I make sure to make enough for lunch leftovers the next day. We basically eat chicken for lunch every day, just in different ways. So on Sundays I make a chicken breasts with a couple different seasonings for a change up in flavor.

›› Baked chicken & sweet potato
›› Grilled chicken salad
›› Chicken & stir fry veggies
›› Quinoa & veggies

| Dinner | This is where the options are endless because you are making it fresh to eat. We eat out quite a bit for convenience, unfortunately, because we are always on the go and rarely home in the evenings. But when we are we like to have a yummy home cooked meal.

›› Steak & veggies is a personal fav
›› Quinoa & ground turkey stuffed peppers
›› Lemon chicken & steamed veggies
›› Lean turkey chili
›› Turkey burgers & kale chips

| Dessert | I'm not a big dessert eater. I prefer to drink my calories, but for those that like to snack in the evenings, here are a few options to satisfy those cravings.

›› Piece of dark chocolate
›› Tofu pie - don't knock it until you've tried it. 
›› Flavored hot tea
›› Greek yogurt with some chocolate chips
›› Flavored water with Mio. My personal fav is strawberry watermelon!

And there you have it. Some healthy meal alternatives that are simple enough to prepare on a weekend and throw in your fridge to keep you from falling off the wagon during your hectic week.

Friday, You've Never Looked So Perfect!


T.G.I.F Peeps!
I've spent my entire week behind schedule causing me to overdose on coffee, wear nothing but workout clothes and wear extra concealer under my eyes. It's just been one of those weeks where life smacked me in the face. So needless to say I'm sighing with relief (and maybe a little exhaustion) that it's Friday.

I promise to come at you next week prepared and ready to take on the world. Cheers babes! Hugs from me to you!

Entrepreneurship : The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


I get a lot of emails asking how I got started with my clothing boutique. And even more questions asking what exactly our other business is. How I started my boutique is going to have to wait for another day. But today I am clearing the air on just exactly what it is we do and my feelings on being a business owner. is our primary business and source of income where Jon and I work from 9am to 5pm. Some days it's much longer hours. Jon started this company 6 years ago in his bedroom in his parents house. After deciding college wasn't for him and learning quickly that working for other people didn't tickle his fancy either, he decided to build his own company from the ground up. It was solely an online business for the first 4 years, but in the last two years we have opened a local store as well. We sell outdoor power equipment parts for lawn mowers, chainsaws, small engines, etc. Jon also does local repairs on equipment. He is quite the handy man!

No it is not my life long dream to sell lawn mower parts to men all day long, but it's real life and it pays the bills.
One of my dreams, besides being a famous singer - I'm still waiting to be discovered, was to have a clothing boutique. As most of you know, this dream recently came true for me! I would have never have made the dive if it wasn't for hubs. He is such a go-getter. Everything I'm not. Jon finally pushed me to make the jump in December and The Modern Tulip Boutique was officially introduced in January. She is slowly up and coming, but she is my second job until she starts making thousands of sales :)

As for my thoughts on entrepreneurship, I think it's wonderful! It's a huge accomplishment and something to be extremely proud of! I love being able to make the rules. Decide our hours. Work hard to watch it grow. It's like watching your first born child sing their ABC's after spending forever teaching them! It makes me want to fist pump repeatedly in the air!

At the same time it takes a lot to deal with all that goes into running a business. So much so that not all days are pretty. There is a lot more behind the scenes that's not all glamour like I assumed. There are bills, taxes, SEO work, employees, paperwork, financial decisions and so much more.

I find our biggest struggle is learning how to turn our brains off. When you work for someone it's easy to punch in and out of a time clock and forget about work when you walk out the door. Well, our life is our business. There is a fine line to balancing both work and play. Jon and I are learning now more than ever how to turn our brains off at some point in the night and pack up and go home. Still yet there are nights where it's 10pm and we're still at the office working on our websites, orders, repairs, SEO work. But the way I see it, we are only stabilizing our future. I'm willing to put in the long days now for freedom in the years to come. 

If you are looking to start your own business I say go for it! It's a huge leap with amazing benefits! There will be hard days no doubt, but there will be more days that are beyond rewarding.

If you are trying to start your own business or have the desire, but don't know how or where to start I'd be happy to answer any and all of your questions to the best of my abilities. Just email me at

Lilly Pulitzer Summer Box Giveaway!

You know when you get really excited about something and you get really anxious? Your cheeks start to tingle. You get butterflies in your stomach and your palms start to sweat. Those are the feelings I get right before a big giveaway that I'm super stoked about!

I'm kind of jealous one of you lucky readers is going to win this prize package. Okay, I'm extremely jealous. I begged Jon to try and win it for me, but he explained that would be totally wrong. Honesty for the win again. 

These goodies, valued at over $150, could be in your beach bag this Summer! Simply enter the rafflecopter below. Obviously the more you enter, the better your chances. And don't forget to come back and "tweet" each day to rack up in entries :) 

And show some love to the ladies who made this giveaway possible! Each of these woman have a beautiful heart and wanted to share in giving you the best of the best!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Turns Out Even If You Are Lucky, Monday Still Comes.

This picture has nothing to do with anything other than me drooling over past vacation pictures this weekend.
You know those weekends where you find yourself on Sunday night, washing your face, preparing for bed and realize when you wake up you have five days of work ahead of you? That was me last night. It's just not fair. I tried not to blink as much and the weekend still blew past me leaving me spinning in circles.

Leaving me with no blog post. 
That Maegen. I warned her when she was laying outside in the lawn chair, sun bathing away, but she shewed me off saying Vitamin D was important. And I told her again when her friends came over to grill out and she was cackling like a baboon, jamming to music and cheersing glasses. I also warned her when she was watching endless Youtube videos because she has a weird obsession and can't stop. She blew me off again when she chose to eat lunch, frozen yogurt and go shopping with her family on Sunday. And when she dozed in and out of sleep on the couch Sunday evening because of her food/shopping induced coma, she blamed it on the rain making her not want to function. 

The little voice inside my head is ridiculously annoying.

On the other hand referring to myself in the 3rd person is oddly entertaining! And I might have to do it more often - off the blog perhaps - I felt your eye rolls.

Tomorrow I will have something exciting for you that I know you are going to want! Especially if you have a vacation(s) planned this year.

Catch ya on the flip-side! I'm off to find something green before Jon pinches me and I punch him.

Just Peachy :: A Simple Recipe

A taste of summer in a glass with peach schnapps and moscato

I'm doing my dangdest to bring y'all some Summer lovin. I just haven't quite figured out how to get mother nature to respond. Apparantely she doesn't care about "no-snow" dances on my front porch. She doesn't care if I pull out all my Spring clothes and wear them - aka - freezing my buns off and looking a fool. She doesn't care if start digging in my yard and flower beds, she just throws frost right back over them.

Mother Nature : 1
Maegen : 0

So my last resort is to make a beachy drink. If I close my eyes real hard I can feel my toes burring themselves in the smooth white sand. I can hear the waves crashing in a rhythm and the seagulls chirping overhead. I can feel the warm sun beating down on my face and my skin warming from the inside out. The occasional breeze blowing across my face bringing me a little relief. I can smell sun tan lotion and hear tunes playing on my phone.

Whoa. I'm pretty sure I really just got lost in that. Anyone else? Someone needs a vacation and there is a big foam finger pointing down to ME! 
So in my last efforts, I bring you a drink that takes you to the beach! And her name is "Just Peachy" (so creative right?)! She is very sweet, but full of flavor! Prepare for the easiest recipe ever.
Alcoholic beverage with moscato and peach schnapps
2 tbs Peach Schnapps
Then fill your glass with Ecco Domani :: Moscato
Squeeze of lemon
The peach can be over powering if you use too much. Even if your glass is bigger than mine, I would still keep it to 2 tablespoons of Schnapps. A little goes a long way.

An adult bevarage with peach schnapps and moscato

Cheers babes! It's Friday, go live a little.

Wait, It's Thursday?

Story time.

I sat down to write this post and said to myself, "Self, let's link-up for Thankful Thursday tomorrow, since it's Thursday." Then I thought, "Oh my gosh wait, tomorrow is Wednesday!" Insert ultimate sadness. Then I decided to check my phone just to be sure and in fact today is Wednesday and tomorrow is Thursday! Depending on when you are reading this post, this could be confusing. But that doesn't matter because TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!

›› Insert happy dance ‹‹

So if you haven't figured it out I am totally linking up with MakeMeUpMia, Kate Elizabeth, The Strong Family and Carly Blogs Here on this beautiful Thursday day.

I'm thankful for...

dog, lake, pointer, jump, summer

›› Weekends ‹‹
Now that I'm working full time again, I am more and more grateful for the weekends and the time I do have to relax and do the things I enjoy. Especially now that warmer weather is moving in and it's almost lake season!

candle, wine, bath, relax, thankful

›› Bubble Baths ‹‹
Those of y'all that know me, get totally sick of hearing about them, but I just can't believe I was against them growing up. I refused to take them. Now you can't get me out of the tub! I'm completely embarrassed to admit that the last few times I've taken a bath, Jon has found me eating. Pizza, ham sandwich, you name it! I never said I was normal.

lake, summer, kayak, relax, fishing

›› My Love ‹‹
Despite the fact that we've been spending 24/7, let me emphasize 24 hours a day, 7 days a week together, I think I love him more than before! It makes my heart swoon to know we can spend this much time together and still get along.

candy, eggs, pastels, Easter, Spring

›› Easter Candy ‹‹
Easter candy could not have come at a better time. Thanks to mother nature I'm salivating at the word chocolate. These Cadbury mini eggs are my absolute FAVORITE candy that only come out at Easter, for obvious reasons! Do yourself a favor and get some. Your thighs with hate you, but your taste buds will be oh so happy!

That's a wrap folks. Let's do our happy dances together in celebration that tomorrow is officially Friday! Xoxoxo

Thankful, thursday, link up, bloggers