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5 Minute Face // A Collaboration


I am always on the go. My life is chaotic and I've learned to function that way. Obvi I don't want to go anywhere looking like a slob so finding ways to speed up the "waiting on a woman" process as hubs and Brad Paisley call it, has been more than necessary. There are few places I won't skimp out on such as my hair and outfit, but make-up? That I don't mind throwing together in a jiffy. Basically my 1-year-old niece could do my make-up better than I could.

Mia, being the make-up genius that she is (see here), could spend hours doing her make-up and simply throw her hair in a ponytail and feel satisfied. Isn't it funny how we ladies have our different quirks? See her hair post here for a good giggle and information on how she manages her beautiful locks.

When I asked Mia if she could put together a 5 minute make-up routine she quickly decided it would be a challenge she would accept. And she did it! Extremely well I might add. And then I thought is there anything this girl can't do? And then I drowned my sorrows in wine... kidding. #butamIreally?


Eye Products:

  Lorac Pro Palette, used Pewter & Lt. Bronze
Mac Liner in Teddy
L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara
Benefit Gimme Brow
Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer

Face Products:

Studio Gear CC Cream
Covergirl 3-in-1 foundation (I bought the wrong shade, so I mix it with my CC Cream)
Wet n' Wild blush in Pearlescent Pink
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Covergirl Jumbo Gloss Balm in Berry Twist


Face Products:

Revlon  Photoready foundation in 003 Shell
Almay Smart Shade finishing powder in 100 Light
e.l.f Blush in 31111 Tickled Pink
Brushes: Sonia Kashuk No. 4
e.l.f Powder Brush
e.l.f Total Face Brush

Eyes & Lips:

e.l.f palette
Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid eyeliner in K002 Blackest Black
L'oreal Butterfly Mascara in 867 Black
 Revlon Colorburst in 120 Vivacious
Tools: Eyelash curler
e.l.f defining and shadow brushes
eye crease blender
Quick Tips:

›› Mia ‹‹ Use time saver products: A CC or BB cream is an all in one product designed to moisturize, prime and conceal. I mix mine with a dab of foundation for a little extra coverage.

›› Mia ‹‹ A tinted brow gel is way faster than using a pencil and clear gel.
Use pigmented products: Using a product that has more color pigment will cut back time for sure. More pigment = less work.

›› Mia ‹‹ Don't skip your brows: Filling and shaping your brows will make a huge difference by framing your face. Benefit Gimmi Brow is my favorite, my brows are perfect in seconds.

›› Me ‹‹ If you only have time for three products use a liquid foundation to give you an even skin tone, mascara to give your eyes definition and use a bright lip color to catch the attention. 

Go get to know Mia a little better here and while you are at it go follow her on Bloglovin' // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest... whatever floats your boat! I'm quite fond of her and I know you will be too!

Do you have any tips for saving time on your make-up in the morning?

18 comments on "5 Minute Face // A Collaboration"
  1. You guys both look gorgeous! I'm impressed with how much you guys both got done in five minutes! I want both of the lip products you used and I've heard Mia rave about that brow gel forever & now I might finally be convinced :)

  2. Oh my sweet friend, where do I begin. First of all, YOU look beautiful and glowing without makeup. I love your lip choice, looks great one you! Second, your words are seriously too kind. I look at you- running your business and home with your hubby, your blog and your boutique, looking gorgeous while doing it all, and I want to drown my sorrows in a bottle of wine! No, but really, You are amazing girl :) Don't you forget it! This was so much fun to collaborate with you.

  3. Wow you both look gorgeous!! I wish I could wear make up as well as both of you wear it!! If I ever need make up help, girl I am CALLING you!! :) Thank you for sharing :)

  4. Ahhh, this makes me feel/look like crap. I simply put (powder) foundation & mascara on this morning, ha! I need to do more!

  5. I wish I could pull off a colored lip. You rock it, girlfriend!

  6. You two are so cute! That butterfly mascara is next on my list when my current mascara runs out. I'm glad y'all tested it out for me ;) My morning routine is very fast... I only give myself the time of my favorite 45 minute daily podcast (Dave Ramsey, yes I know I'm a nerd!) to do my makeup, hair and get dressed. The Covergirl 3-in-1 foundation is my go-to foundation. I love the full coverage it gives.

  7. Well done ladies - I think I've perfected it to about 7 minutes, but 5 well that's award worthy!

  8. Love this!! I've been trying to shorten my morning routine so I'm going to try out your tips. You look gorgeous without makeup - your brows are amazing!

  9. Pretty girls! Love how makeup doesn't overtake your faces, just enhances the natural beauty. THAT is a good make up job :)

  10. My makeup rotund is much like yours but u don't come out nearly as gorg as you do. You both look fabulous!!!

  11. LOVE both you ladies! This is a great post! I use less makeup than you and it takes me longer! I have some practicing to do :)

  12. Love both of you two fabulous ladies! And y'alls does it look so perfect with only 5 minutes???

  13. You look so great in that lip color! And I totally agree about the eyebrows. I wish someone told me that sooner - my eyebrows look so much better after I hit 30 - because I started actually filling them in! LOL!

  14. Love and appreciate this so much! I often skimp on makeup as time is always of the essence! 5 minutes is doable :)!

    Happy as We Know It

  15. love this! i am so bad with makeup in the morning, i pretty much do mascara and thats it. and now i want all of these products, ha!

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