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A Simple Gift

fruits and veggies

Weeks ago a precious customer of ours came in to order some parts. It was then that we got into a conversation about gardening, green thumbs and my lack thereof. He mentioned something about his garden full of veggies, blackberries, strawberries and other delicious bites. I remembering saying something like "I wish I had a garden to eat from. I love getting my fruits and veggies at the farmers market."

And that was it.

Two days later that same sweet man came walking in with a bushel of fresh picked blackberries. The prettiest berries I've ever seen! I shrieked, "For ME? How much?" He explained nothing made him happier than giving away his fruits and veggies to those who need or appreciate them. 

Without thinking, I ran around the counter and squeezed him! He tensed and didn't hug back.- Side note, I'm a hugger.
Blackberry cobbler
The blackberry cobbler didn't last long enough for me to take a picture. It was a total hit for Fathers Day!
About a week or so later, his car pulls up. As he gets out I notice a plastic bag in his hand. I thought it was a bag of parts he was coming in to replace. To my surprise it was a bag of bright green zucchini, yellow squash and huge tomatoes. I couldn't believe it! These are things I pay money for at the grocery store each week and here this man is giving it away to me.

I hugged him again displaying my gratitude the only way I knew how. This time he didn't freeze. One hand came around my shoulder and he gave a gentle squeeze on my arm.
fruits and vegetables

Monday, he shows up again. This time with more tomatoes, cucumbers and red potatoes. 

I explained to him how much this meant to me. I had already fixed a delicious blackberry cobbler from his first gift. Jon and I had now enjoyed sauteed veggies and skewers also, perfect for Summertime. And the fact that he was giving me something from his heart meant everything to me. 

This time I hugged him and he hugged me back.

These are the moments that make me appreciate our business. The special relationships I create with special people in this world.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables


> Soak wooden skewer rods for 10 minutes before use.
> Cut up veggies of choice 1/2" thick
> Add some steak or chicken (meatless is boring)
> Place them randomly on skewers
> Season with Lawry's Seasoning (YUM)
> Grill for 10-15 mins, rotating occasionally
** Cut into the meat to make sure it's finished. Enjoy!

25 comments on "A Simple Gift"
  1. Such a sweet story! It really is about the relationships we create with people that makes life meaningful. Oh and that blackberry cobbler... can I just say that I am going to the store to buy the ingredients to make it tomorrow.

  2. Aww, this story really made me smile! What a cool guy--I like garden fresh fruits and veggies too. Our black raspberries in the backyard should be ready in a week or two--I can't wait!

  3. Wow what an awesome story! Love fresh fruits and veggies... I may be weird but I can totally tell the difference. How sweet of him :)

  4. I LOVE this!! Honestly you gave him as much as gift as he gave you! too mushy?

  5. What a great story! So sweet that you extended a hug, and so nice that he gave those gorgeous veggies! Looks like you have a friend for life=)

  6. Don't you just love living in the South & (most of, ha!) the people that live in it!? My step father plants a garden every year, & I am ready for some yummy fresh goodies!! B used to keep his grandfathers garden but hasn't been able to the past two years. We'd love to grow some things at our house, but we don't have a lot of room! Maybe one day when we build!

  7. That is an awesome story!! How cool. God works in awesome ways, am I right?

  8. Aww, I love this!!! I also love fresh veggies!!

    Alycia//Crazily Normal

  9. New reader here, but I loved reading this story! It is so sweet and put a smile on my face. Your blog is lovely! :)

  10. Aww this is such a sweet story! Thanks for sharing!

    <3, Pamela

  11. my boyfriend and i swear by lawrys! and you're totally right - meatless is so boring! xx!

  12. Sometimes the most simple gestures mean the most... this is too sweet!

  13. Such a great story!

  14. This is so, so sweet! We've been living off grilled skewers lately - deeelicious!

  15. This is so sweet, I love this story. Thank you for sharing :) What time shall I be over for the next blackberry cobbler?? Blackberry cobbler and vanilla ice cream is my all time fave dessert!

  16. I love this... our neighbor who has lived in her house for over 70 years still gardens & sends me up extra veggies. I look so forward to the visits as much as the veggies :)

  17. I think you just added another hugger to the world ;) Love it!

  18. Well, that's just about the cutest thing ever!

  19. How awesome! I want a direct connection to fresh fruits and veggies! I love that he eventually hugged you back. Too cute! :)

  20. These are the types of stories I love to read :) And there is nothing wrong with being a hugger! I am the same way :) *hugs from Texas!!

  21. That the sweetest story! I love people who go out of their way to make other people happy.

  22. What a wonderful story! I had a similar thing happen with an elderly coworker and many, many jars of wild clover honey. We are certainly blessed to live in an area where people take care of each other.

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